Newsletter September 2021

Welcome to our Spring newsletter. Winter has brushed lightly past this year and nearly gone with spring presenting in all its glory. 

Over the winter months the committee extended the time between meetings as we had been meeting monthly up to this point. This week we met on Zoom to have a quick catch up to look at more urgent matters and we will meet again in two weeks to look at other areas to be actioned.  

We hope you enjoy this update.

Nic, Bernie, Robyn, Kate, and Johnny


A focus for the committee over the last period of time was to ensure that the foyer was adequately heated over the winter months. After much discussion it was decided to purchase three Nobo panel heaters. Two heaters have been installed in the foyer which is more than adequate, and it has been suggested that the third could be installed in the Library which presently is using antiquated Conray heaters. 

We are generally pleased with the heaters however we are still to establish how they should be used. The first month of use resulted in a shock power bill more than double the amount expected. It appears the heaters are not so simple to set, and that more consciousness needs to surround their use. We will keep you informed of our decisions around the economic use of these heaters.

New Website –

Now that the rental review has been finalised the website is nearly ready to ‘Go Live’ and we will let you know when it is.

Are you involved in a Local HB Anthroposophical Initiatives in fields of *Education *Agriculture and Food * Health & Wellbeing *Art, Music & Reading *Music & Eurythmy * Spiritual Services * Special Needs.

Please contact Nic ( with content and links for these sections.


Rudolf Steiner Centre Rent Review Process 2021

Thank you to those who found the time to respond, the committee found it a most helpful exercise.

PLEASE NOTE: For those who regularly rent a space at the Centre a committee member will make contact after our next meeting on 23rd September to discuss the updated terms and how to make bookings online. Queries can be directed by emailing

Response to Members

Question: Street noticeboard: Should it stay? What is purpose?  

Response from Committee: A range of responses were received and considered. A decision has been made to have a noticeboard on the Nelson Street frontage which has now been cleared of much of its overhanging foliage. This is the main road and the street address so if we are having a noticeboard to engage with the community it is beneficial to have it in full view. It will include a notice directing readers to the website and a sign to say the entrance is on Whitehead Rd with the opening time for visitors i.e., library hours.

Any notices on the board will be for upcoming Anthroposophic events that are open to the public.

There will not be any advertising.

The committee will oversee it being kept up to date.

All notices can be sent to

The road frontage on Whitehead Rd will be reconfigured to allow onsite parking and create an aesthetic entrance to the main door.

Question: Foyer noticeboard: what would you like to see or not see displayed. Would you like a separate area for brochures, business cards?

Response from Committee:  The responses received from members around the foyer noticeboard and advertising space led to lively discussion by the committee around the enlivening of the whole foyer space. Ultimately, when resources allow it, the space will be repainted.

In the meantime, Bernie will lead a project to further warm the area including

1. Reposition the current noticeboard from 'portrait' to 'landscape' and divide into 2 sections for 'AS / Branch' notices and 'Community' notices.

2. Put in a shelf for business cards and brochures for business that align with Anthroposophical Initiatives.

3. Create a space where recent articles and reading material can be placed for anyone to peruse

Room Bookings and Rates

Question: Would you be happy with non-members renting rooms or hiring the centre, with a higher rate being charged?                                                                                                                                         Response from committee: Wider use of the Centre by the community at large is seen as a positive move for the future.  The Rental Officer and committee will ensure that use fits in with the rules of the branch in the widest sense.  

   The Branch Society is intended to be a community of human beings who desire to further the life of the soul - both in the individual and in human society - on the basis of a true knowledge of the spiritual world. This is to be attained not only by studying the works of spiritual science but also by fostering educational opportunities for those people in all walks of life who seek answers to contemporary issues out a renewal of human culture. It is a purpose of the Branch Society to cultivate Anthroposophy through artistic, scientific, and educational activities (in the broadest sense of these concepts) and the Branch Society intends to devote all reasonable means available to realise this purpose. This shall include the appropriate supporting of libraries and providing of lectures and publications.

Question: Bookings: Are you happy for (easy to use) online booking via the new website to replace the foyer diary? Timeslots will be hourly.                                                                                     

Response from Committee: Preference is they are made via website, to reduce workload on booking officer. Online booking will commence with the website going live. For those unable to book online they will need to email or phone the Rental Officer well in advance so that the online booking can be made for them. The diary book in the foyer will be removed. Those with regular bookings will be contacted to update their rental agreement and make sure they understand how to work with the online system. Non-member web bookings require confirmation from the booking officer.

Website booking overrides manual booking.  Website shows availability.   

Use by members for HB branch events - group facilitator needs to book out the space on the website. E.g. 1st Saturday of month - Main Room will be blocked out for entire morning until midday.

Library will not be a rentable room. Committee will use this room in future for meetings.

"Room in Use" Signs will be made available for Main room, Consult Room and Art Room.    


 Non-member commercial rate is shown on website. Members need to log in to see rate that applies to them. Main Room rate assumes a booking for a large group. Small Room rate will be given for piano lesson as no other room is possible.

Types of use of spaces and rental: Rental applies to the use of a space for a commercial purpose or for a public event not associated with the Branch. When used for Branch events it is the responsibility of the organiser to raise conscious awareness within the group of the Koha box.






Member Rate

Non-member rate

OLD rate


Main Room






Piano lesson/hour:




Playgroup Session (9am – midday twice weekly) :




Full day:




Art Room





Consult Room off foyer




$5 - $8

Whole Centre




Nothing set





Terms and Conditions of Casual Hire

  • Hawkes Bay Branch of Anthroposophical Society in NZ (HBBASNZ) acts solely as the renter of the venue. 
  •  All external parties are required to have the qualifications and insurance for all activities that they conduct at Rudolf Steiner Centre. 
  •  HBBASNZ has no responsibility for injuries or loss of property. 
  •  Please adhere to the times of your booking. Be mindful of others using the room before and after you.
  • Use of kitchen facilities is for drink and food preparation and includes use of crockery and cutlery etc. The hirer must provide his/her own food and beverages, tea, coffee etc. There is a 'No alcohol' policy for the property.
  •  The room hired and any public area used must be left as it was found and all rubbish removed if there is no bin available in the room. All food or food waste must be removed from within the building. Council general rubbish bin can be found outside the front door and council recycling bins are located outside in porch at the west end of the building.
  •  Parking is limited on the property. Street parking is available but often requires a bit of a walk during office hours.
  •  Please exercise awareness with the use of sound; any music must be appropriate.  The venue must be vacated by 11:30 pm in the evening. 
  •  Please ensure all heating is off and windows and doors are secured and locked upon departure.
  • Please report any problems immediately to the Committee Rental Officer.
  •  All hirers are liable for any damage that occurs at Rudolf Steiner Centre during the time of rental and will be invoiced accordingly. 
  •  Payment: Casual Room Hire must be paid in full before the date of hire by bank deposit (no eftpos available).  Invoices are sent out to all hirers at the time of booking on the website.

Rental Agreement for regular use by an individual or group

The general conditions for casual hire apply and will be individualised as appropriate. The Agreement will be discussed and implemented at the start of the hire arrangement. Revisions will take place as seen necessary by the committee. Liaison will be with the Committee Rental Officer.



Bernie Raichle and Diana Bacchus (organised by)

 The complex  processes of  coming to understand ourselves and others in this modern world can be enriched when we communicate with others.  Our  "Conversations" gatherings provide a venue to enhance communication, be inspired and  get to know each other better.  At these gatherings,  local members and friends have an opportunity  to share their passions, experiences or endeavours with an interested audience and then have time for discussions. 

Prior to the presentation, there is a morning tea and time for social interactions.

"Conversations" gatherings take place, usually on Monday mornings,  two or three times a term and we invite and welcome speakers who wish to share interesting aspects of their lifes' journey.  Members and any friends are welcome to attend.


Branch Meetings

These have resumed on a regular fortnightly Friday evening.

The Anthroposophical Society, Hastings Branch relies on the generosity of members and friends to maintain the Rudolf Steiner Centre, including heating and electricity. A donation box can be found in the foyer and a gold coin koha is gratefully received when attending an activity or function at the Centre.

Posted: Mon 13 Sep 2021