Branch Notice 12 June

The Branch Committee will have its monthly meeting this Thursday, 16 June from 5:30 to 7 pm in the Centre Library.  The agenda will be circulated on Tuesday. If any groups or initiatives have reports they would like to make to the meeting,  please email them by Monday 13th.

We have a new art display by Carrie Fraser at the centre. 


Anthroposophy - Culture and Spirit

Our next gathering is - 

Monday, 27th June at 5.15p.m., at the Centre

Please note the time of this gathering.

A talk will be given by Michelle Vette, General Secretary of the Anthroposophical Society in NZ.  

Watch next week's newsletter for more information about this evening.  

Bernie Raichle and Diana Bacchus

The Taruna College Art of Wellbeing is a part-time three seminar course offering an opportunity to renew your well-spring for life, refresh your soul and re-connect to what is important for you right now.

The last couple of years have left many of us feeling overwhelmed, anxious and tired with all that is happening in our world. We invite you to journey with us on The Art of Well-Being, to nourish yourself so that you might be at your best - fully available to the people, work and relationships that matter to you. Whether it is personal or professional development, our intention is to offer you learning opportunities that will refresh and deepen your understanding of what matters in your life and work.

 Full details can be found here 


  Choral : Bruckner 'Te Deum' and Mendelssohn 'Lobgesang' (Hymn of Praise - Symphony 2, sung in English)

Soloists Larissa Kent, Anna Pierard, LJ Crichton, Joel Amosa



   Orchestral : Brahms Tragic Overture, Beethoven Piano Concerto No 3, Brahms Symphony No 3

Saturday 18 June 7.30pm BLYTH CENTRE, HAVELOCK NORTH

 Tickets available at the door or iTicket: Adults $35, Tertiary Students $10, Supergold Card $32, 17 yrs and under free

Or in advance at $32 via choir member - contact Kate Hartland on 021 120 0970 /

Full details here

Monday Night Reading Group

A small group has been reading an interesting set of lectures on Occult Development.   This set of lecture talks of the consequence of studying Anthroposophy. It firstly details the effects on the physical body.  It goes on to discuss the effects of different diets, coffee and tea, and then comes to the question of the Astral body and changes to it.   We are currently about half way through.

We begin by taking few minutes to visualise what the current verse from the “Calendar of the Soul” is talking about.

We meet in the Steiner Centre in the small room by the door every Monday. We start at 7:00pm punctually.

Anyone interested in this topic is invited to join us – Contact Chris Bacchus on 878 6883 or email

Chris Bacchus

Friday night Discussion Group Meetings June

"The Friday Gatherings are from 7 to 8:30 on the 2nd and 4th Fridays of the month.  We begin with a discussion on current affairs or matters of interest to those who come, then we focus on, ask questions and discuss, one of Rudolf Steiner's Leading Thoughts where he endeavours to encapsulate the essence of Anthroposophy.  For the gathering on 10 June it will be #3.  

"There are those who believe that with the limits of knowledge derived from sense perception the limits of all insight are given. Yet if they would carefully observe how they become conscious of these limits, they would find in the very consciousness of the limits the faculties to transcend them. The fish swims up to the limits of the water; it must return because it lacks the physical organs to live outside this element.  The human being reaches the limits of knowledge attainable by sense-perception; but he can recognise that on the way to this point 'powers of the soul' have arisen in him — powers whereby the soul can live in an element that goes beyond the horizon of the senses."

The others can be found at

What's happening

Are there any initiatives, out of Anthroposophy, happening in the community that you want to advertise or invite folks to participate in? 

Please do forward this notice to anyone you know who may be interested. To be added to the 'Friends' distribution list email

Check in with the website to see what is happening

Weekly Branch Notices - Please send any correspondence to be communicated to members and friends before Friday evening each week. Send it in a universal form that can be copied and pasted, as a short introduction with pdf that can be linked, or as a jpeg image. Indicate how many weeks it is to run for and please spare a thought for the person compiling the notices by not sending slight adjustments each week.

Room Bookings - reminder - the foyer book has been removed. Please use the website booking system for ALL use of the Centre. If you have a problem please carefully read through the instructions on the website, have a look at the video and then make contact via if you still have a problem.

The Anthroposophical Society, Hastings Branch relies on the generosity of members and friends to maintain the Rudolf Steiner Centre, including heating and electricity. A donation box can be found in the foyer and a gold coin koha is gratefully received when attending an activity or function at the Centre.

Posted: Sun 12 Jun 2022