Branch News 24 July

July 2022 News from the Library

We welcome everyone to the Library - remember even if you an avid borrower there is always a treasure to be found. As well as borrowing books you are welcome to just sit with a coffee and read in the Library room or Centre foyer. Between 11.30am and 12.30am various Centre users often gather for an informal shared coffee/ nibbles or lunch. If you are using the library at that time, you are welcome to join us.

Reviews of books you have recently read are always welcome. It is an excellent way of interesting another reader. They do not need to be long. If you are looking for a particular book or topic please talk to Fran. She has an in-depth knowledge of the library shelves and will be able to guide you.

Terms and conditions for borrowing books are on the branch website, or contact the Librarians.


• Robin Bacchus recently donated 5 of the 7 volumes “Rudolf Steiner - Life and Work’ by Peter Selg.

• The big table has been sanded by Gerrit Raichle and now highlights the beautiful kauri top. Gerrit has also placed new shelving by the library door for books/printed articles etc., that have been discarded and can be taken by members. We invite a small donation into the coffee kete.

• Gifted books from personal libraries.

BOOK AMNESTY There are many overdue books, some borrowed a number of years ago. Please, please check your bookshelves - we know they are hiding there somewhere - and return them either directly to the Library/via the slot in the centre wall under the Library window/or contact the Librarians to arrange pick up or a postal address.

Librarians: Margaret Stevenson 022 157 0330 Francisca Obers 0273993294

The Library is open 11am to 3pm during school term.

Posted: Sun 24 Jul 2022