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Anthroposophy, Culture and Spirit


The Increasing Relevance of  Biographical Work in Today’s World


Monday, 15th August,  5.00 at the Centre 

We begin with hot soup and bread being served from 5.00p.m. along with a time to chat. This starting time gives opportunities for those who have daytime jobs to hear this talk. Come when you can,  after work, and there will be hot soup waiting for you.

 All Welcome.

Please note the starting time for this event 

- from 5.00 - soup and at 5.30 - the talk


At about 5.30p.m. Jocelyn Freeman will begin her talk,

“I will share some of my journey with

Anthroposophical Nursing 

and how I have come to find that

Biographical Work is increasingly relevant 

in today’s world.”  

There will be a time for discussions and questions and the evening ends at 6.45p.m Bernie, Diana. 


Friday night Discussion Group Meetings August

"The Friday Gatherings are from 7 to 8:30 on the 2nd and 4th Fridays of the month.  We begin with a discussion on current affairs or matters of interest to those who come, then we focus on, ask questions and discuss, one of Rudolf Steiner's Leading Thoughts where he endeavours to encapsulate the essence of Anthroposophy.  The gatherings in August will be on Friday  12th  and 26th studying Leading thoughts 7 and 8 respectively.

The Leading Thoughts be found at

Dear members and friends, have you ever wondered what happens to someone who experiences the risen Christ like St Paul at Damascus? The writings and research of Yeshayu are based on his personal experience greatly deepened and expanded by his practice of Anthroposophical study and schooling.

I would like to meet with any members who want to learn more about the spiritual research findings of this Israeli Anthroposophist.Please email me with if you are interested. 

Every two weeks the gardening group comes together to care for the Centre gardens. As it is winter at the moment and the weather is too cold we have taken a break from gardening. However, after the next school holidays we will start again. The first time we meet again after the beginning of the new term will be Tuesday 2 August from 10.30 till 12. Everybody is very welcome to join us. Plants always gratefully accepted. Spring will soon be here!

 On Friday 16 September the gardening group will be stirring the preparation “500” for the Centre garden , starting at 4 o’clock p.m.

This is followed by a shared meal- please bring a plate. Everybody is very welcome to join us.

After the meal  Hans will give a short talk on the significance of Michael, the spirit of our time, followed by a conversation.

The talk will start at 6.30 o’ clock. P.M

The garden group, Bernie, Gerrit, Hans and Ineke

Posted: Sun 31 Jul 2022