Branch News 07 August


Notes from the Chairperson of the Committee.

The committee met on 21 July. The 4 members present were Robyn Hewetson, Kate Harland, Nic Parkes and Robin Bacchus. Apologies from Florian Roger.

We noted with sadness the recent passing of Sandra Simpson [12 July] from the earthly realm to the spiritual.

The rewiring of the building, as required for our Insurance renewal has been completed by Laser Electrical, so our Insurance is now active. The premium this year ($3,006) was 30% more than was anticipated in our budget, so we have to underspend in other areas of the budget gather more funds in ways not yet explored. Any ideas?

Treasurer Kate Harland reported. At the end June the financial year is half over; so far Income is 55% of Budget and expenditure is 45%. Current Bank balance $6,319.

40 members (of 130) have contributed funds to the Branch this year; 16 in last month since our annual appeal for $80 per member was sent out. If you haven’t contributed yet please do so soon.

Centre Carers. There are a number of small groups of non-committee volunteers who care for aspects of the Centre:

· Library: Fran Obers and Margaret Stevenson;

· Art Displays: Eva Urieli and Angela Hair;

· Foyer: Bernie Raichle;

· Gardens: Hans and Ineke Mulder, Bernie and Gerrit Raichle.

· Festivals: John Jackson leads a group organising Festivals through the year.

· A group from Hohepa mow the lawns around the building.

The Committee met with Margaret from the Library last month. We would like to meet at some point with each group to discuss their achievements to date, their current concerns and their future plans and any possible expenditure arising under their mandate.

Nic Parkes is withdrawing from the committee to take up a role with the National Council of Anthroposophical Society. We are very grateful to her for all she has done and for the considerable effort she has put into establishing a Branch website and continuing the regular notices to members and friends through it. She will be passing those roles onto others on the Committee.

A few weeks ago, all members living in Hawkes Bay on our list were sent a questionnaire asking people to confirm or correct the contact and address details that we hold. Our communication with members is now by email and webpage as mail postage is very expensive. Some, who find this electronic process not feasible, have made arrangements for a friend to print the email news and deliver it to them.

Someone has volunteered to compile the weekly newsletter highlighting coming events and articles of interest to Branch members. More details soon. Please continue to send requests and contributions for the newsletter content to

Grounds: the area behind the building has accumulated a pile of rubbish and the wall between the Centre and the Taikura carpark and class gardens is overgrown with ivy which is destroying the upper wooden fence. We need to have a working bee to remove the rubbish and clear the fence in the spring. Any volunteers to organise and set a date? Trailers, wheelbarrows, spades, loppers, secateurs, etc. will be needed. Great opportunity for FELLOWSHIP.

Heating. There have been several occasions recently when people have come to the Centre and found heaters set to very high levels or actually left on. PLEASE do not set any thermostat more than 23 °C and ensure that all heaters are turned off as you vacate the room. As all will be aware, electricity prices have escalated rapidly recently. A NOBO heater (that was budgeted for) has been installed in the library. A request for such a heater or the Art Room was declined under this year’s budget, which is rather tight. There are now several moveable heaters available for intermittent use on cold days. The Branch’s budget is proposed to and approved by the AGM.

Next Committee Meeting:

Thursday, 18 August at 5:30pm in the Library.

Robin Bacchus,

Hans Mulder reports - Last Wednesday, August 3rd, we were very happy to welcome 9 parents of Taikura's kindergarten and Lower school students , who came for the first  "Talk in the library" in the Anthroposophical Centre .
Thank you to those members of the Hastings group who came to give their support.
This first talk was meant to prepare the basis for the next two talks.
The presentation started by looking at the challenges nature is experiencing, Climate change and global warming and the challenges we are experiencing since the beginning of the Covid time in the relationships between people, caused by lockdown, masks and distancing.
This led to looking at the picture of the human being and the questions :
Who am I?
Why do I live in this community and country?
What is my task/ meaning in life?
Out of these questions the picture of the human being as a being of body, soul and spirit was developed.
The discussions both during and after the talk were lively and animated, it was wonderful to see how everybody took part and engaged in these discussions.
The next “Talk in the library” will be August 10th at 1.45 p.m looking at the relationship of the human being to nature. Everybody is very welcome to join.


Anthroposophy, Culture and Spirit


The Increasing Relevance of  Biographical Work in Today’s World

Monday, 15 th August,  5.00 at the Centre 

We begin with hot soup and bread being served from 5.00p.m. along with a time to chat. This starting time gives opportunities also for those who have daytime jobs to hear this talk. Come when you can,  after work, and there will be hot soup waiting for you.

 All Welcome.

Please note the starting time for this event  - from 5.00 - soup and 5.30 - the talk

At about 5.30p.m. Jocelyn Freeman will begin her talk,

“I will share some of my journey with

Anthroposophical Nursing 

and how I have come to find that Biographical Work is increasingly relevant in today’s world.”  

There will be a time for discussions and questions and the evening ends at 6.45p.m. Bernie, Diana. 


Friday night Discussion Group Meetings August

"The Friday Gatherings are from 7 to 8:30 on the 2nd and 4th Fridays of the month.  We begin with a discussion on current affairs or matters of interest to those who come, then we focus on, ask questions and discuss, one of Rudolf Steiner's Leading Thoughts where he endeavours to encapsulate the essence of Anthroposophy.  The gatherings in August will be on Friday  12th  and 26th studying Leading thoughts 7 and 8 respectively.

The Leading Thoughts be found at

Posted: Sun 07 Aug 2022