Branch News 11 September

Branch News Sunday 11th September

Contents in brief:

  • News from the Committee Meeting on 8 September
  • Contributions to the Society
  • Introductory Talk #7 – Wed 14 Sept – Robin Bacchus
  • A New Initiative Group – meeting 22 September
  • Friday Group – 23 Sept – Leading Thought #11
  • Garden Working Bee – Sat 24 Sept
  • NZ wide Conference by Zoom Sat 1 October
  • Kairos Artistic Therapy Graduation Sat 1 October
  • Stirring BD Prep 500 – shared meal – Talk on “Michael” – New date: Fri 7 October
  • Library: New View Vol 103 available. 

News from the Committee Meeting on 8 September

We welcome warmly two members joining the Committee: John Jackson and Angela Hair.  We are now 5 – the others are Robyn Hewetson, Kate Harland and Robin Bacchus.

Our main focus was on maintenance issues, allocating Committee responsibilities, a garden Working Bee (Sat 24 Sept) and local support for the national zoom Conference (Sat 1 Oct).  See other notices for further details.

Committee responsibilities:

  • Art in the Foyer:            Angela Hair  027-4436 737; Eva Urieli  878 6028
  • Art Room:                     Eva Urieli  878 6028
  • Branch Members list:   Robin Bacchus  022-3982 805
  • Branch newsletter:       Robin Bacchus
  • Building maintenance: Robyn Hewetson  021-2178 688
  • Conversations group:  Bernie Raichle  021-0888 7666; Diana Bacchus  021 706 709
  • Festivals group:            John Jackson
  • Finances:                      Kate Hartland  021-1200 970
  • Foyer, Kitchen & Main Room: Bernie Raichle  021-0888 7666
  • Grounds and garden:   Hans and Ineke Mulder  027-9488752
  • Library:                         Fran Obers  878 4565; Margaret Stevenson  022-1570330
  • Membership enquiries: Sue Simpson  021-0396186
  • Playgroup liaison:         Bernie Raichle 021-0888 7666
  • Room-user assistance: Robyn Hewetson 021-2178 688; Angela Hair 027-4436 737
  • Website maintenance: Robin Bacchus


Contributions to the Society

The Anthroposophical Society does not exist on light and love alone.  It needs to be grounded, to have a place to call home, a physical body.  For us that is the Goetheanum in Dornach, Switzerland, the world centre and focus for the School of Spiritual Science’s spiritual research on current human issues; and in Hawkes Bay, it is the Rudolf Steiner Centre in Hastings.  These properties need maintenance and care.
Key staff at the Goetheanum need salaries so that humanity can benefit effectively from the gift of Anthroposophy.

Like many things Anthroposophical, the Society is threefold organism – like a tree: trunk, branch, and twig.  So too, are our contributions:

  1. To the General Anthroposophical Society [GAS]
    {see} for the upkeep of the Goetheanum and support of the Vorstand (Executive Council).
  2. To the Anthroposophical Society in New Zealand [AS.NZ]
    {see } for the coordination of the work of the Council in NZ, a stipend for a General Secretary and for her travel around New Zealand to visit local groups and to represent NZ with other General Secretaries in Dornach annually. 
    The AS.NZ collects contributions for the General Anthroposophical Society as well as itself.
  3. To the Hawkes Bay Branch of the Anthroposophical Society in New Zealand, [AS.NZ.HB] {see } for the upkeep of our centre and related expenses such as Insurance and electricity.  For this we ask all members in Hawkes Bay to contribute $80 per year {Our Financial Year is 1 Jan to 31 Dec – not the same as the tax year} either as a lump sum or as an annual, quarterly or monthly Direct Credit.

Contributions to both the Anthroposophical Society in New Zealand and the AS.NZ.HB are charitable society tax deductible.  Your contributions to the General Anthroposophical Society are not tax deductible.  
The relevant treasurers will send you a receipt after 31 March for the sum of your financial donations during the previous tax year, so that you can claim a tax rebate. 

Your donations will be gratefully received and will help maintain the Centre, which is such a wonderful place for us to gather and for people of Hawkes Bay to meet Anthroposophy.

 Here are the internet banking details:

For your charitable donation receipt, please identify yourself:
Bank account: 38-9016-0511420-00.  Code: 2022sub
Particulars: <Surname>. Reference: <Firstname>

 If you haven’t done so, please set up a Direct Credit [Annual, Quarterly or Monthly] equivalent to $80 annual or of an amount that you can safely manage to AS.NZ.HB bank account above.

On behalf of the Committee – our grateful thanks to those who have paid.


  • Introductory Talk #7 – Wed 14 Sept – Robin Bacchus

Introductory Talks at the Rudolf Steiner Centre

401 Whitehead Road, Hastings

We warmly invite Playgroup parents along with Kindergarten and School parents to our introductory talks, looking at Childhood development.  Babies in arms warmly welcome. 

Fathers are very welcome too – it would be lovely to see some fathers - if you can sacrifice a couple of hours off work.  Indeed these talks are open to anyone interested in the topics.

The talks are free of charge, but a contribution in the Koha box towards the running of the Centre is always appreciated.

From 1.45 to 2.30 pm on Wednesdays in the Main Room of the Centre

=  =  =  =

The last three talks have focussed on the first seven years of a child’s life at home and in Kindergarten play before they begin more formal learning.’

Further talks relating to school-aged children will be by:

Robin Bacchus on 14 September

Our human life has many stages – a wobbly path from total dependence at birth to adult independence.  Human ‘childhood’ is longer than every other creature on earth. 
We will look at the period from 7 to 14 years in the context of a lifetime.
At about age seven, a new stage begins – imitation changes to emulation.  The child becomes ready for new styles of learning: mainly kinesthetic, visual and aural.
As educators, as parent or teacher, it is good to know the stages of learning, so we will explore these stages from discovery >> taking an interest >> to understanding >> and on to >> mastery.

=  =  =  =

Kelly Sutton on 21 September

The Child from 7 - 14 years.

What I have experienced as the gifts of the Lower School Curriculum for the children during this time.

=  =  =  =

Rosie Simpson on 28 September

Rites of passage.

The Steiner School curriculum is wonderfully responsive to the developmental stages of childhood.  There are moments in teaching that feel like magic, when a threshold is crossed at just the right time, enabling new faculties and capacities to emerge unhindered, when the child’s wings unfold. 
How as adults can we recognise and accompany these key moments of readiness,
 of “waiting till the time is right.”



  • A New Initiative Group – next meeting 22 September

Currently we are planning activities at the end of the year to reflect on the burning of the barely completed first Goetheanum on 31 December a hundred years ago and the challenges that imposed on Rudolf Steiner and those around him. 

Next Year, we will commemorate the re-founding of the General Anthroposophical Society and the establishing of the School of Spiritual Science.

Our next meeting will be on Thursday, 22nd September at 9.30am in the Centre Library.

Anyone interested in joining the group, please contact Gerrit Raichle 022 1988 143 for the group.


Friday Group – 23 Sept – Leading Thought #11

Open to all members and friends.

We have noted that two publications of the Leading Thoughts have the same content but different numbering, so these notices will give the first sentence for clarity,

The Leading Thoughts be found at

#11: “The Self-consciousness which is summed up in the ‘ I ’ or ‘Ego’ emerges out of the sea of consciousness.  …”



  • Garden Working Bee Saturday 24 September from 9am.


This date is now confirmed.  But we would like those members who would be able to help us with sharp spades, forks, rakes, secateurs, loppers, weed-eater, etc. and wheelbarrows (if possible) and muscle power to note this date. 

Can someone bring a safe long ladder to access and clear leaves from the gutters which overflowed during recent heavy rain.   

We will remove as much of the prolific acanthus in preparation for replanting with a greater variety of flowering plants and shrubs.  The back fence needs ivy removed from the wooden section.

We have a contractor coming at midday with a small digger and a truck to cart the piles of rubbish around the section to the dump. 

On behalf of the Garden Group –
Hans and Ineke Mulder, 027-9488 752
Bernie and Gerrit Raichle.



  • NZ wide Conference by Zoom Sat 1 October

Hohepa is very happy to host as many people as want to come to participate in the online zoom conference with Joan Sleigh (a member of the Vorstand at the Goetheanum in Dornach) on Saturday, 1st October, at Hōhepa, Clive.

They have a big screen in the Board Room which everyone can watch.  The morning sessions will have discussion breaks – smaller groups can go to offices for this if wanted.

In the afternoon, activities have yet to be organised.  The hall, board room and other offices are available, if needed.  We would welcome offers for afternoon activities – please contact Kate Hartland  021-1200 970 – if you have suggestions.

We hope that people will bring food for morning break and a shared lunch. 
Tea and coffee will be available.



  • Kairos Artistic Therapy Graduation

All are welcome to view to Amanda Sowersby’s Graduation
Her Art Exhibition can be seen on Friday 30th September from1-3pm, and on Saturday 1st October from 9-12 noon at the Rudolf Steiner Centre. 
Her graduation ceremony starts at 2pm. Saturday.



  • Adult Spring Painting Course


A 4-week course starts Thursday 20th October from 9 – 10.30am
This will be a beautifully guided wet-on-wet painting inspired by Spring for all artistic abilities.

$30 per session which includes materials and morning tea.

Held in the Art room at the Rudolf Steiner Centre.
To book contact Amanda at

=  =  =  =

  • Home-schooling children’s art class.


Each Wednesday 1.30 – 2.30pm

For 6 weeks

Ages 6 -11 years.  $22 per session

Art Room at the Rudolf Steiner Centre.

Contact Amanda at



  • Stirring of BD Prep 500 – a shared meal – Talk on “Michael” – Fri 7th October  (Change of Date)

Ineke and Hans Mulder write:

“We looked out of the window this morning and saw again grey skies and threatening rain [not suitable or the stirring and application process for BD Preparation 500]. It will not be better the coming week according to the forecast.”

It is better to spread the “500” after the Work Bee on the 24th September.

The stirring is postponed to Friday 7th October, which is in the next descending moon period.

=  =  =  =

On Friday afternoon 7th October,
stirring the Bio Dynamic preparation “500” for the Centre garden
will start at 4 o’clock.

Although we stir for the Centre garden, there will be portions of “500” available for participants to take home for their own gardens.  (Please give a koha for the Centre).

At 5.30 p.m. there will be a shared meal – please bring a plate.

This will be followed by a talk by Hans van Florenstein Mulder at 6.30 p.m.

“What is Michael, our Time Spirit, asking of us?”

We invite you to any part of this activity or to hear the talk, even if you are unable to attend the previous activity.



  • Library – New View 103 is available for loan –
    or for reading in the Library on Wednesdays.


Posted: Sun 11 Sep 2022