Branch News 37 - 18 September

Branch News 37 – Sunday 18 September

Events in Brief:

This week:

  • Introductory Talk #8 – Wed 21 September, 1:45pm – Kelly Sutton
  • Initiative Group – next meeting Thu 22 September, 9:30am
  • Friday Group – 23 September, 7pm– Leading Thought #11
  • Working Bee in Garden – Sat 24 September 9am

Next month after that:

  • Zoom Talk by Richard Ramsbotham on Monday 26 September 8am
  • Branch Committee meeting – Thu 20 October, 5:30pm
  • Christian Community Conference 21 to 23 October
  • Asia Pacific Biodynamic Conference, Malaysia – 21 to 23 October


  • Front Gate

A regular user of the Centre suggests this Protocol for the Front Gate of the Centre.  :
Please keep the front gate open when someone is in the centre;
but when the last person leaves lock the front door and close the gate. 
Thank you everyone.


  • Introductory Talk #8 – Wed 21 Sept – Kelly Sutton

At the Rudolf Steiner Centre

401 Whitehead Road, Hastings

We warmly invite Playgroup parents along with Kindergarten and School parents
to our introductory talks, looking at Childhood development. 
Babies in arms warmly welcome. 

Fathers are very welcome too – it would be lovely to see some fathers -
if you can sacrifice a couple of hours off work. 

Indeed these talks are open to anyone interested in the topics.

The talks are free of charge, but a contribution in the Koha box
towards the running of the Centre is always appreciated.

From 1.45 to 2.30 pm on Wednesdays in the Main Room of the Centre

=  =  =  =

Kelly Sutton on 21 September

The Child from 7 - 14 years.

What I have experienced as the gifts of the Lower School Curriculum
for the children during this time.

=  =  =  =

Rosie Simpson on 28 September

Rites of passage.

The Steiner School curriculum is wonderfully responsive to the developmental stages of childhood.  
There are moments in teaching that feel like magic, when a threshold is crossed at just the right time,
enabling new faculties and capacities to emerge unhindered, when the child’s wings unfold.
 How as adults can we recognise and accompany these key moments of readiness,
 of “waiting till the time is right.”




  • A New Initiative Group – next meeting 22 September

Currently we are planning activities at the end of the year to reflect on the burning of the barely
completed first Goetheanum on 31 December a hundred years ago and
the challenges that imposed on Rudolf Steiner and those around him. 

Next Year, we will commemorate the re-founding of the General Anthroposophical Society
and the establishing of the School of Spiritual Science.

Our next meeting will be on Thursday, 22nd September at 9.30am in the Centre Library.

Anyone interested in joining the group, please contact Gerrit Raichle 022 1988 143 for the group.



  • Friday Group – 23 Sept – Leading Thought #11

Open to all members and friends.

We have noted that two publications of the Leading Thoughts have the same content
but different numbering, so these notices will give the first sentence for clarity,

The Leading Thoughts be found at

#11: “The Self-consciousness which is summed up in the ‘ I ’ or ‘Ego’
emerges out of the sea of consciousness.  …”



  • Garden Working Bee Saturday 24 September from 9am.


This date is now confirmed.  But we would like those members who would be able to help us
with sharp spades, forks, rakes, secateurs, loppers, weed-eater, etc.
and wheelbarrows (if possible) and muscle power to note this date. 

Can someone bring a safe long ladder to access and clear leaves from the gutters
which overflowed during recent heavy rain.   

We will remove as much of the prolific acanthus in preparation for replanting with a
greater variety of flowering plants and shrubs. 
The back fence needs ivy removed from the wooden section.

We have a contractor coming at midday with a small digger and a truck
to cart the piles of rubbish from around the section to the dump. 

On behalf of the Garden Group –
Hans and Ineke Mulder, 027-9488 752
Bernie and Gerrit Raichle.



  • Zoom Talk by Richard Ramsbotham on Monday 26 September.

It has recently been announced that Monday 26th will be a Public Holiday in New Zealand
to commemorate the life and passing of Elizabeth Alexandra Mary Windsor.

“From Gondishapur to Covid-19 and the 4th Industrial Revolution”
with Richard Ramsbotham speaking by Zoom from Philadelphia

How are our modern-day approaches to pandemics, technology advancements and governments
influenced by thinking impulses originating in the 7th Century Academy of Gondishapur?

There is a time difference of 17 hours for New Zealand:

Sunday, September 25 at 3:00pm EST (Pennsylvania)
= 8:00 am Monday 26 September in New Zealand
[allowing for NZ Daylight Saving – which will have just started on Sunday!]

Register here:

You can register at any time.  Cost $20 USD.

Richard Ramsbotham was born in Northumberland in 1962.  
After attending Cambridge University and Emerson College he taught literature at Warsaw
University (1989-1993) and then trained at the Artemis School of Speech and Drama.  
Since then he has worked as a teacher, lecturer, writer and theatre director.  
He is the author of ‘Who Wrote Bacon? Shakespeare, Bacon and James 1’;
‘An Exact Mystery – the Poetic Life of Vernon Watkins’; several plays
and many articles on cultural, historical and current themes (e.g. 9/11 and Covid-19).  
He has also translated and directed Rudolf Steiner’s 4 Mystery Dramas.  
He is the co-founder of Fourfold Living Arts, an initiative bringing together
the performing arts with the exploration of important cultural and current themes.

(for the South Eastern Pennsylvania Branch of the Anthroposophical Society)

More information about Gondishapur can be found here:
Academy of Gondishapur - AnthroWiki

Take Note:  There is such a thing as AnthroWiki.   An Anthroposophical version of Wikipedia.



  • NZ wide Conference by Zoom Sat 1 October

Hohepa is very happy to host as many people as want to come to participate in the
online zoom conference with Joan Sleigh on Saturday, 1st October, at Hōhepa, Clive.

They have a big screen in the Board Room which everyone can watch.  
The morning sessions will have discussion breaks –
smaller groups can go to offices for this if wanted.

In the afternoon, activities have yet to be organised. 
The hall, board room and other offices are available, if needed. 
We would welcome offers by people willing to lead afternoon activities –
please contact Kate Hartland  021-1200 970 – if you have suggestions.

We hope that people will bring food for morning break and a shared lunch. 
Tea and coffee will be available.






Movement for Religious Renewal


Dear Hawke’s Bay Branch of the Anthroposophical Society,

On September 16 1922, The Christian Community was founded with the help
of Dr. Steiner in the White Hall at the first Goetheanum. 
For the founding, Dr. Steiner invited members of the Vorstand to be
witnesses of the first Act of Consecration of the Human Being,
which included the ordination of Dr. Friedrich Rittelmeyer.

This year, to celebrate the 100th year since our founding, on the following weekends,
we will hold celebratory conferences in all our communities –

Christchurch    September 30 – October 1

Wellington       October 7 - 9

Auckland          October 14 – 16

Hawke’s Bay    October 21 – 23

In keeping with the original impulse by Dr. Steiner that representatives
from the Anthroposophical Society attend, we warmly invite you
to share this occasion with us, by attending our local conference on October 21 – 23.

On the Sunday morning the 23rd, there will be opportunity for all attending to speak.

For questions, please contact Cheryl on 021 023 20932, or

Our conference will be held at;
The Christian Community, 617 Heretaunga Street, Hastings.

With kind regards and greetings,

Hartmut Borries            Cheryl Prigg



"Every idea which does not become your ideal slays a force in your soul;

Every idea which becomes your ideal creates within you life-forces"

Rudolf Steiner


Kia Ora Biodynamic Family

 With hope that the growing voice of spring has arisen deep within you,
nurturing the blissful colours of your inner being, and after all the inner
challenges of winter awakening the buddings towards a fruitful blossom.

 Please find hereinafter the program & the details / form for the promising
Asia Pacific Biodynamic Conference happening in Malaysia -21 to 23 October 2022:

 May you have a nourishing, nurturing and uplifting rest of your day,
and a lovely weekend.

 Biodynamically Yours,

 Florian Roger




Posted: Sun 18 Sep 2022