News 41 Sunday 16 October

Branch News 41 – Sunday 16 October

We welcome to two new members to our Hawkes Bay community

  • Ø Amanda Sowersby
  • Ø Amaali Shaw

Events in brief (*details further down)

            During this week to Sunday 23 October

  • TONIGHT: Spring Festival from 7pm *
  • Introductory Talk #10. Wed 19 Oct *
  • Mahler Concert Symphony #2 in Napier Cathedral Fri 21 Oct. 7:30pm *
  • Christian Community Conference October 21 to 23 *
  • Asia Pacific Biodynamic Conference, Malaysia – 21 to 23 October *

Over Next Month:

  • Angela’s Talk –“ The Art of Homeopathic Remedies” talk by AngelaHair
    in Art Room. Tuesday 25 October 11am
  • Talk by Herbert Wolpert on Ukraine. Wed 26 Oct. 7pm


  • Spring Festival


  • Introductory Talks

“The journey to the Self”

The years from 14 to 21

The next 3 talks will be given by Hans and Ineke van Florenstein Mulder.

Talk #10, Wednesday 19 October 2022 at 1:45pm in Main Room

How does the Steiner Waldorf curriculum support the soul development of the Upper school students in the 4 Upper school years.


  • Letters to the Editor

From David Urieli: Mahler Symphony #2

Hi Robin,

I just wondered whether you would put a plug in for this concert on 21st October in Napier Cathedral.  For my money it's the greatest piece of music ever written, and I think Jose will certainly do it justice.  They did it about 4 years ago and I was in the audience.  I thought it went way past being a concert and was closer to a deeply religious or mystical experience.

Jose Aparicio conducts the Napier Civic Choir, Project Prima Volta the Napier Orchestra and the various other groups participating in this piece.

I could also go on about how I have heard concerts in the Royal festival hall in London, Opera North (Northern England), Welsh National Opera - both outstanding, and many others and Jose can hold his own with any of these.

Cheers –

David Urieli

 Waiapu Cathedral of St John the Evangelist, 28 Browning St, Napier

Friday 21 October 2022 7:30pm – 8:55pm




Movement for Religious Renewal




7.00 pm    Talk by Cheryl:  ‘The Movement for Religious Renewal – Our Founding and History’
8.15 pm    Close of Day Service

10.00 am     The Act of Consecration of the Human Being
11.00  am    Morning tea
11.30 am     Talk by Cheryl:  ‘In Mindfulness of Christ’s Deed’
12.00 pm     In conversation with one another:  crystalising questions
1.00 pm       Lunch and ‘walk and talk’
2.30 pm      World café conversations based on questions -
                  Q:   What inspires you ?
                  Q:   What ails you ?
                  Q:   Do I seek for meaning in my life, or do I give meaning to my life ?
                  Q:   Did you find The Christian Community or did The Christian Community find you  ?
3.45 pm      Afternoon tea
4.15 – 5.45 pm     Talk by Dr. Richard Drexel: 
                              ‘Blood is a queer juice….Johann W. von Goethe: Aspects of the Divinity
6.00 pm       Potluck dinner.  Please bring food to share
7.00 pm       Creative / artistic offerings from our community – to be advised
8.00 pm       Close of Day Service

9.00 am         Family Circle followed by The Sunday Service For Children
10.00 am      The Act of Consecration of the Human Being
11.00 am      Morning tea with birthday cake !
11.30 am      Community Festival - (please bring a flower)
12.30 pm     Concluding address: ‘Walking with Christ’  
              Admission is by generous donation.  Thank you very much.


"Every idea which does not become your ideal slays a force in your soul;

Every idea which becomes your ideal creates within you life-forces"

Rudolf Steiner

Kia Ora Biodynamic Family

With hope that the growing voice of spring has arisen deep within you, nurturing the blissful colours of your inner being, and after all the inner challenges of winter awakening the buddings towards a fruitful blossom.

Please find hereinafter the program & the details / form for the promising Asia Pacific Biodynamic Conference happening in Malaysia -21 to 23 October 2022:


  • Angela’s Talk - The Art of Homeopathic Remedies

Tuesday 25 October 11am

Art Room, Rudolf Steiner Centre, 401 Whitehead Road, Hastings

Homeopath, Angela Hair, will speak about the Art of Homeopathic Remedies, currently on display at the Steiner Centre.

Find out about homeopathic remedies for Brain injury, Covid recovery, Teething and Injury remedies.

Homeopathic Kits for sale - $35 for 12 remedy kit. Sport, Accident and Emergency, Children’s Kits available. Payment by Cash or Invoice.

Koha for the Centre is appreciated.


Ukraine - The Dynamics of Conflict
and the Chances for Peace

Wednesday, 26 October at 7:00 pm
in the Rudolf Steiner Centre,
401 Whitehead Road, Hastings

Talk by Herbert Wolpert,
Suggested Koha $10

The ongoing war in Ukraine is a topic which is of great concern for many people. The enormous suffering of thousands and thousands of people which is televised on the news on a daily basis led to strong empathies for the Ukrainian people.  The breach of the UN Declaration brings up concerns for the disrespect of treaties.  The role of western countries and their involvement raises big issues about their agendas and their secret actions. The further increase of intensification of this conflict and the recent threat of a possible nuclear war are creating an atmosphere of fear und unpredictability.  This complex situation manifests in many and often polarised discussions and debates. 

With a professional background in mediation, Herbert will share some insights of this crisis and its history.

He will also use Fritz Glasl’s concept of escalation of conflict* to deepen our understanding of this complex situation and the forces which are imminent and influencing all sides.

There will be space for sharing comments and raising questions.

Herbert is a senior partner of MIRA ( with 25+ years of experience in Organisational and Personnel Development, Mediation and Executive Coaching.  
He has worked extensively in Europe, Southeast Asia,
Africa and Australasia.  
Born and educated in Germany, Herbert resides part of the year in NZ.




Posted: Thu 13 Oct 2022