News 42 Sunday 23 October

am:Branch News 42 – Sunday 23 October

Events in brief ( * details further down)

            This week to Sunday 30 October

  • “The Art of Homeopathic Remedies” – a talk by Angela Hair
    in Foyer. Tuesday 25 October 11am
  • Introductory Talk #11 Wed 26 October, 1:45pm *
  • Talk by Herbert Wolpert on “Ukraine Conflict”. Wed 26 October. 7pm
  • Initiative Group meeting, in Library. Thu 27 October, 9:00am
  • Friday Group on LT#13 *. Fri 28 October. 7pm
  • Foraging Workshop in Hastings on Sat 29 October, 2-4pm *
  • Calendar Planning for 2023.  Sun 30 October, 3pm *

Next Month and beyond:

  • Introductory Talk #12 Wed 2 November, 1:45pm
  • Branch Committee meeting, Thu 3 November. 5:30pm
  • School of Spiritual Science.  Sat 5 November. 9:30 to 12noon
  • Ivy Wu Violin Recital, Rangimarie. Sat 5 November, 7pm *
  • Conversation with Eva Steinmetz-Urieli. Mon 7 November, 9:45am *
  • The “Art of Well-Being” Continued, Taruna. Thu 17 November *
  • Taikura Fete. Sun 20 November. 10am to 3pm
  • Art of First Goetheanum Display from 15 December *
  • The Burning and Loss of the First Goetheanum: commemoration. Sat 31 December

Committee Business


  • Angela’s Talk - The Art of Homeopathic Remedies

Tuesday 25 October 11am

Foyer, Rudolf Steiner Centre, 401 Whitehead Road, Hastings

Homeopath, Angela Hair, will speak about the Art of Homeopathic Remedies, currently on display at the Steiner Centre.

Find out about homeopathic remedies for Brain injury, Covid recovery, Teething and Injury remedies.

Homeopathic Kits for sale - $35 for 12 remedy kit. Sport, Accident and Emergency, Children’s Kits available. Payment by Cash or Invoice.

Koha for the Centre is appreciated.


  • Introductory Talks

“The journey to the Self”

The years from 14 to 21

Talk #11, 26 October

In the Lower school the 4 temperaments become visible, in the Upper school the Planetary Soul types are manifesting themselves.  What are these Planetary Soul types and how do we work with them?

Talk #12, 2 November

The metamorphosis of the 12 senses from birth to the age of 21.


Ukraine - The Dynamics of Conflict
and the Chances for Peace

Wednesday, 26 October at 7:00 pm
in the Rudolf Steiner Centre,
401 Whitehead Road, Hastings

Talk by Herbert Wolpert,
Suggested Koha $10

The ongoing war in Ukraine is a topic which is of great concern for many people.  The enormous suffering of thousands and thousands of people which is televised on the news on a daily basis led to strong empathies for the Ukrainian people.  The breach of the UN Declaration brings up concerns for the disrespect of treaties.  The role of western countries and their involvement raises big issues about their agendas and their secret actions.  The further increase of intensification of this conflict and the recent threat of a possible nuclear war are creating an atmosphere of fear und unpredictability.  This complex situation manifests in many and often polarised discussions and debates. 

With a professional background in mediation, Herbert will share some insights of this crisis and its history.

He will also use Fritz Glasl’s concept of escalation of conflict* to deepen our understanding of this complex situation and the forces which are imminent and influencing all sides.

There will be space for sharing comments and raising questions.

Herbert is a senior partner of MIRA ( with 25+ years of experience in Organisational and Personnel Development, Mediation and Executive Coaching.  
He has worked extensively in Europe, Southeast Asia,
Africa and Australasia.  
Born and educated in Germany, Herbert resides part of the year in NZ.



  • Initiative Group meeting. In Library. Thu 27 October. 9:00am

Main theme: planning commemorative events for the next year.

  • Burning of the First Goetheanum

On the evening of 31st December 1922, Rudolf Steiner endured the arson of the first Goetheanum, which he and helpers from many (warring) nations had spent the entire WW1 years in peaceful Switzerland constructing, carving and decorating.  The building was a treasure trove of artistic esoterically-inspired endeavour intended as a home for Anthroposophy and the arts with an auditorium for lectures, mystery dramas and eurythmy performances.  The artistic elements of the building included the architecture of two intersecting cupolas and the supporting columns; the metamorphic carvings of the column pedestals and architraves and wooden statue of “The Representative of Man” [which was not burnt]; the coloured, etched glass, windows and the paintings on the cupolas’ ceilings.  Much was destroyed before it was fully recorded, but quite a lot of planning material is available.

We plan an exhibition (from 15 December) highlighting the Goetheanum arts, and an evening when we look back on what happened in 1922 – the year leading up to the arson – the significance of the building and the burning itself. 

If any reader has books or material suitable for creating an exhibition highlighting the artistic elements of the first or second Goetheanum or would like to help in any way, please get in contact with Hans or Ineke Mulder at
or 027-9488 752

  • 2023

During 2023 we will continue with monthly evening talks on events leading up to the 1923 Christmas Conference when Rudolf Steiner re-founded the Anthroposophical Society to bring together the different groups of people interested in Anthroposophy.  The key element was the Foundation Stone meditation which he ‘laid in the hearts’ of those members present.


  • Leading Thought #13 - Discussion Friday 28 October from 7pm

13. "On the path of meditation we discover, beside the form in which the ‘ I ’ occurs in ordinary consciousness, three further forms: (1) In the consciousness which takes hold of the etheric body, the ‘ I ’ appears in picture-form; yet the picture is at the same time active Being, and as such it gives man form and figure, growth, and the plastic forces that create his body. (2) In the consciousness which takes hold of the astral body, the ‘ I ’ is manifested as a member of a spiritual world whence it receives its forces. (3) In the consciousness just indicated, as the last to be achieved, the ‘ I ’ reveals itself as a self-contained spiritual Being — relatively independent of the surrounding spiritual world."


  • Foraging Workshop, Hastings. Sat 29 October 2-4pm

Kia Ora Fellow Regenerative Gardeners,
With hopes that you had a great weekend.
Please find hereinafter a wonderful opportunity for a Foraging Workshop at home in Hastings on Saturday the 29th/10 - 2-4pm, with a deeply knowledgeable, compassionate and enthusiastic workshop holder:
Going back to the essence, embracing nature and its abundance, how to nurture ourselves at first glance - 
May you have a nourishing, enlightening and uplifting rest of your diurnal journey, and a lovely week.
Ngā Mihi Nui,
Florian Roger


  • Calendar Planning for 2023

 Sunday 30 October, 3pm at the Centre.

There are many anthroposophically-inspired events in Hawkes Bay that are open to members and friends throughout the year.  These are arranged not only for the Centre, but in other venues by other associated groups.  

We are looking towards 2023 and would like to coordinate events so that the dates of all local events fit together nicely, rather than conflict or overlap.

So, on Sunday 30th October at 3pm, we welcome people from any local Anthroposophical initiatives who could be arranging, or recommending, events based on Anthroposophy, to be held during the coming year.  We will begin to create a 2023 Planning Calendar which will assist making harmonious future arrangements. 

 If you can’t attend personally, or a group has events, please send details of the intended event, date/time and venue to:

Contact person - Diana Bacchus, email (



  • The “Art of Well-Being” Continued 

This course is designed for those that have previously studied at Taruna and are looking for another opportunity to be nourished in body and soul.  This programme is also connected to the ''Art of Heart' and its central theme is that of companionship.  This course has a long weekend format.   The Art of Wellbeing Continued is scheduled for Thursday 17 November afternoon until Sunday 20 November lunchtime. Treat yourself – we would love to welcome you to Taruna again.  For more information or to register call 06-8777 174 or email: 

Rachel Chapman 
Marketing and Student Coordinator, Taruna College
33 Te Mata Peak Road, Havelock North 4157, New Zealand


  • Committee Business

Electrical:  Two faulty power-points in the Main Room and the light in the Store Room have been fixed, a brighter light in the foyer and a Timer-switch is being installed on the Library heater.

Gutters.  Recent heavy rain has on several occasions caused gutters to overflow and flood the floor by the windows in the Foyer.  We have had the gutters cleared and checked by Toby;s Guttering.  Apart from leaves blocking the downpipes, the check revealed that the gutters have rusted through.  We are getting quotes for new guttering.

Green Rubbish.  The pile of green rubbish and branches is not suitable for compost and will be removed.

Your donations help maintain the Centre, which is such a wonderful place for us to gather and for people of Hawkes Bay to meet the Anthroposophical impulse.

Here are the internet banking details:
As you will receive a charitable donation receipt, please identify yourself.  All receipted donations enable you to receive a tax refund of one third of what you gave when you make your IRD tax returns.
Bank account: 38-9016-0511420-00.
Account name [You can select, copy and paste this]:
The Hawkes Bay Branch of the Anthroposophical Society in New Zealand
Code: 2022sub or donation.
Particulars: <<Your Surname>>
Reference: <<Your Firstname>>

Next Meeting.  Thursday 27 October at 5:30pm

Robin Bacchus


  •                  Recital at Rangimarie

                     617 Heretaunga Street East
   Saturday   November  5th      7.00 pm- 7.45 pm

                     Ivy Wu   Violin

                     Margaret Cooper   Piano

Ivy is an advanced violinist performing for her ATCL diploma in mid-November.  She would appreciate an audience for this recital on November 5th.

She will perform works by   Beethoven. Schumann and Bloch.

Supper will follow.
Koha appreciated
                   Marian Stronach


  • Conversations

Monday 7th November at 9.45am at the Centre

A Life’s Journey with Eva Steinmetz-Urieli

The morning tea will begin at 9.45 and the talk will start just after 10.00 a.m. as Eva has another engagement later in the morning.

One of the many aims of our Conversations gatherings is to bring people together and to share life’s journeys so that we get to know people in our community.  We are glad that Eva will be sharing part of her journey with us.  There will also be a short artistic exercise for us all – no previous experience needed.

I was born in Stuttgart. Germany.  My 12 years of Steiner education have given me a drive towards freedom and self-discovery.  As an adult I have lived in Ireland, where I was a trainee, co-worker and art tutor in Camphill Communities.  After later living in America and England, my home is now in New Zealand.

“I have a passion for people, in trying to understand them and their self- expression through art.  My artistic connection arises out of my lifelong connection to Anthroposophy and  psychotherapies which are founded on an understanding of a spiritual nature and that our inner and outer worlds are deeply connected.  This art therapy is based on kindness and acceptance which bring about healing.  Over many years I have given art courses and have been an art therapist”.

Bernie Raichle and Diana Bacchus

Posted: Thu 20 Oct 2022