News 43 Sunday 30 October

Branch News 43 – Sunday 30 October

Events in brief (* details further down)

 This week to Sunday 6 November

  • THIS AFTERNOON: Calendar Planning for 2023.  Sun 30 October, 3pm *
  • Introductory Talk #12 Wed 2 November, 1:45pm *
  • Branch Committee meeting, Thu 3 November. 5:30pm
  • School of Spiritual Science.  Sat 5 November. 9:30 to 12noon
  • Ivy Wu Violin Recital, Rangimarie. Sat 5 November, 7pm *

 Over the Next Month:

  • Conversation with Eva Steinmetz-Urieli. Mon 7 November 9:45am. *
  • The “Art of Well-Being” Continued, Taruna. Thu 17 November start *
  • Taikura Fete. Sun 20 November. 10am to 3pm
  • Conversation with Michelle Vette.  Mon 28 November 5:00pm
  • Taikura Class 12 Cushion Concert. Fri 2 December, 11:00am
  • Compiling Exhibition material for Art of First Goetheanum Display Th 8 Dec 9:30 onward *
  • Art of First Goetheanum Display from 15 December to 31 January 2023 *
  • The Loss of the First Goetheanum: commemoration. Sat 31 December 4pm

Editorial *


  • Calendar Planning for 2023

Initial meeting, Sunday 30 October, 3pm at the Centre.

There are many anthroposophically-inspired events in Hawkes Bay that are open to members and friends throughout the year.  These are arranged not only for the Centre, but in other venues by other associated groups. 

We are looking towards 2023 and would like to coordinate events so that the dates of all local events fit together nicely, rather than conflict or overlap.

So, this afternoon at 3pm, we welcome people from any local Anthroposophical initiatives who could be arranging, or recommending, events based on Anthroposophy, to be held during the coming year. 

We will begin to create a 2023 Planning Calendar which will assist making harmonious future arrangements. 

If you can’t attend personally, or belong to a group that has events, please send details of all intended events, date/time and venue to:

Contact person - Diana Bacchus, email (



  • Introductory Talks

The journey to the Self”

The years from 14 to 21

Talk #12, 2 November

The metamorphosis of the 12 senses from birth to the age of 21.


Recital at Rangimarie

617 Heretaunga Street East

Saturday   November  5th      7.00 pm- 7.45 pm

Ivy Wu   Violin

Margaret Cooper   Piano

Ivy is an advanced violinist performing for her ATCL diploma in mid-November.  She would appreciate an audience for this recital on November 5th.

She will perform works by:  Beethoven,  Schumann,   Bloch

Supper will follow.

Koha appreciated.

                   Marian Stronach


  • Conversations

A Life’s Journey with Eva Steinmetz-Urieli

Monday 7th November at 9.45am at the Centre

The morning tea will begin at 9.45 and the talk will start just after 10.00 a.m. as Eva has another engagement later in the morning.

One of the many aims of our ‘Conversations’ gatherings is to bring people together and to share life’s journeys so that we get to know people in our community.  We are glad that Eva will be sharing part of her journey with us.  There will also be a short artistic exercise for us all – no previous experience needed.

Eva: “I was born in Stuttgart. Germany.  My 12 years of Steiner education have given me a drive towards freedom and self-discovery and as an adult I lived in Ireland, where I was a trainee and co-worker and art tutor in Camphill Communities.  After later living in America and England, my home is now in New Zealand.

“I have a passion for people, in trying to understand them and their self- expression through art.  My artistic connection arises out of my lifelong connection to Anthroposophy, to Psychodynamic Art Therapy and Hakomi, Mindful, Somatic Psychotherapy.  These approaches understand that our essence is of a spiritual nature and that our inner outer worlds are deeply connected, and that art therapy based on kindness and acceptance bring about healing.  Over many years I have given art courses and have been an art therapist”.

Bernie Raichle and Diana Bacchus


  • The “Art of Well-Being” Continued 

This course is designed for those that have previously studied at Taruna and are looking for another opportunity to be nourished in body and soul.  This programme is also connected to the ''Art of Heart' and its central theme which is that of companionship.  This course has a long weekend format.   

The Art of Wellbeing Continued is scheduled for Thursday 17 November afternoon until Sunday 20 November lunchtime.

Treat yourself – we would love to welcome you to Taruna again.  For more information, or to register, call 06-8777 174 or email: 

Rachel Chapman 
Marketing and Student Coordinator, Taruna College
33 Te Mata Peak Road, Havelock North 4157, New Zealand


  • The First Goetheanum

We plan to create an exhibition in the Centre highlighting the arts incorporated in the first Goetheanum – to be open from mid-December to the end of January 2023.

There will also be an event when we look back on what happened in 1922 – the year leading up to the arson – focussing on the significance of the building and the consequence of the burning itself. 

If any member or reader has books or material suitable for contributing to an exhibition highlighting the artistic elements of the first or second Goetheanum or would like to help in any way, please get in contact with Hans or Ineke Mulder at
or 027-9488 752.

We would like to have a time each day – or on as many days as possible – to have people able to guide visitors around the exhibition.  Once the exhibition is set-up we would need to have a sharing/training sessions for those who volunteer to be guides.  If you would like to consider being part of this group, then please contact Hans and Ineke as above.



The Arts?

In 1879, when Rudolf Steiner was 18, his family moved to Inzersdorf (near Vienna, Austria) to enable him to attend the Vienna Institute of Technology, where he enrolled in courses in mathematics, physics, chemistry, botany, zoology, and mineralogy and audited courses in literature and philosophy, on an academic scholarship from 1879 to 1883.   

It is interesting that Rudolf Steiner in his youth was very involved in sciences as part of his education, but in the latter part of his life, from about 1910 onwards, be became quite actively involved the Arts.

The Arts were an integral part of the design of the First Goetheanum.

What is considered to be Art (a life skill) has varied from culture to culture. 

The 7 traditional liberal arts are the subjects that were outlined by Plato in his work The Republic, thought to constitute all the essential skills and fields of knowledge required by a free, well-educated citizen.  They were the basis of early University education.  They are:

The Trivium (3) - Word/language (creative)

  1. Grammar  - good
  2. Dialetic      - true
  3. Rhetoric    - beautiful

 The Quadrivium (4) - Number (formative)

  1. Arithmetic  - number in essence
  2. Astronomy - number in movement (space + time)
  3. Music         - number in time
  4. Geometry   - number in space

The Liberal Arts can be considered to be those arts/skills that liberate the human soul from mundane, earthly pursuits uplifting the soul and developing spiritual faculties.

Non-liberal {can we call them servile?} arts include law, medicine, business, accounting, engineering and architecture.

The following diagram [visual mantra] shows some of the features and relationships of the seven Liberal Arts.

More next week

 Robin Bacchus


Posted: Sat 29 Oct 2022