News Sunday 6 November

Branch News – Sunday 6 November   
2022 Week 44

Events in brief (*details further down)

          This week to Sunday 13 November

  •  TOMORROW: Conversation with Eva Steinmetz-Urieli. Mon 7 Nov 9:45am *
  • Friday Group. LT# 14. Fri 11 Nov 7pm. *



  • Next Month
  • Conversations
  • Current Art Display
  • Branch Contributions
  • Friday Branch Meetings
  • Conflict in Ukraine – update from Herbert Wolpert


  • Next Month:
  • The “Art of Well-Being” Continued, Taruna. Thu 17 Nov. start
  • Conversation with Michelle Vette.  Mon 28 November 5:00pm
  • Art of First Goetheanum Display from 15 December to 31 January 2023 *
  • The Burning and Loss of the First Goetheanum: commemoration. Sat 31 December 3:30 to 7pm


  • Conversations

Reminder Notice              Monday, 7th November

Morning tea, 9.45. The talk starts just after 10.00

A Life's Journey with Eva Steinmetz-Urieli

includes a short artistic exercise.  All welcome


  • Current Art Display in The Rudolf Steiner Centre Foyer

“The Human Form”

Life drawings by Andrea Beech. 

In the past drawing the human form has been an essential study tool for every artist.  It trains the eye like no other. It helps you to understand the commonality and the deception of "what is" and of "what you see".
Nowadays it is an almost lost artform. The studies are quick sketches taking max 20 mins. 

Sculpted figures by Sophie Lankovsky

“The figures are sculpted from a life model.  The postures are true to life with added imagination.  My aim is to find the essence of what I see and express a visual idea.
The work is fired in a sawdust kiln leaving behind the random marks in black and white.  Any feedback is welcome.”


  • Contributions to the Branch

At the recent Committee meeting we noted that there are only 2 months to go to the end of our Financial Year [31-Dec-2022] yet only 57 of the 102 members residing in Hawkes Bay have contributed funds to the Branch.  Time is running out.

Your donations help maintain the Centre, which is such a wonderful place for us to gather and for people of Hawkes Bay to meet the Anthroposophical impulse.

If in doubt about whether you have paid, please check your bank account for payments since May when the request was made.

Here are the internet banking details:
As you will receive a charitable donation receipt, please identify yourself.  All receipted donations enable you to receive a tax refund of one third of what you gave when you make your IRD tax returns.
Bank account: 38-9016-0511420-00.
Account name [You can select, copy and paste this]:
The Hawkes Bay Branch of the Anthroposophical Society in New Zealand
Code: 2022sub or donation.


In Hawkes Bay we are very fortunate that forty plus years ago local members raised funds to purchase 500 Nelson Street North which had been a corner dairy.  Several years later, an unwanted house from the Taikura School grounds was moved adjacent to the original building.  The foyer was built to join the two.  Over the years many initiatives have been undertaken to improve the Centre, such as enlarging the main room by removing walls and putting in beams to support the roof.

Our current task is to maintain this asset in good condition and improve its usability.  Costs can arise unexpectedly and suddenly.  For example, we currently have a bill of close to $1,000 to repair part of our guttering system.

We realise that members also have their own financial pressures so we don’t set a fixed financial subscription as one would for a magazine or internet service or property rates or rent, where the rule is “no pay = no service”.  We request that members make an annual contribution of $80 (as determined by our AGM early in the year).  Members have the discretion about how much they pay.  Many members are able and do contribute the asked amount, some more, some less.  We would like every member to make a contribution – however little.  For some this may be a coin koha every time they visit the centre.  Others pay by a monthly Direct Credit.


  •  Friday Branch Meetings

These gatherings are on the 2nd and 4th Fridays of each month, from 7 to 8:30 pm.

We have interesting discussions on current affairs that have caught participants interest over the past few weeks and also share ideas about one of Rudolf Steiner’s Leading Thoughts.  All interested in a lively interaction to end the week are welcome.

Leading Thoughts were given by Rudolf Steiner in the last year of his life as a succinct summary of the anthroposophical path and understanding of existence that he had developed over his lifetime.

Looking forward they are likely to be:
11 November.  Leading Thought #14
25 November.  Leading Thought #15
They can be found at


  • Conflict in Ukraine – update

From Herbert Wolpert – some follow-up resources:

Why is Ukraine the West's Fault?”
Featuring John Mearsheimer [2015]

“How the United States Created Vladimir Putin”:
Featuring Vladimir Pozner [2018]

Oliver Stone’s Putin Interviews

The famous film director, Oliver Stone, interviewed Putin for 4 hours in 2017. see Part 1

Latest updates (to 29 Oct 2022) from Herbert 

  • America is bringing forward the delivery of dozens of highly accurate guided tactical nuclear weapons to Europe.
  • The new B61-12 thermo-nuclear bombs are 'dial-a-yield' devices, meaning their payload can be changed.
  • B61-12s has four yields: 0.3, 1.5, 10, or 50 kilotons
  • The bomb dropped on Hiroshima in 1945 had a yield of about 15 kilotons.
  • They are expected to be sent to NATO bases in Europe within weeks.
  • In the last few days, the US released its long-awaited National Defence Strategy, the first in four years. It is 80 pages long.
  • One key sentence is: 'China is the most consequential strategic competitor for the coming decades.'


Posted: Sun 06 Nov 2022