News Sunday 13 November

Branch News – Sunday 13 November

Week 45 2022

Events in brief

            This week

  • The “Art of Well-Being” Continued, Taruna. Thu 17 Nov. start
  • Taikura Fete. Sun 20 November. 10am to 3pm

           Over the Next Month:

  • Conversation with Michelle Vette.  Mon 28 November 5:00pm
  • School of Spiritual Science.  Sat 3 December from 9:30 to 12 noon
  • HB Branch Committee meeting. Thu 8 December 5:30pm
  • Art of First Goetheanum Display from 15 December to 31 January 2023
  • The Burning and Loss of the First Goetheanum: A commemoration. Sat 31 December 3:30 to 7pm


Notes from the Committee

A Committee Information Sheet has been posted on the website under About/InformationSheet.

We have tentatively set the date for the Branch AGM in 2023 on Saturday 18 March in order to establish the Budget for the Financial Year before it is too far advanced.  [Our Financial Year is from 1 January to 31 December – not the same as the Tax Year.]  So please mark your calendars.

Our Treasurer cannot issue Charitable Donation Tax certificates until after the end of the Tax Year on 31 March.  She will send an individual email soon to those members who have not yet contributed funds or communicated with her.

In previous years the Committee has circulated a printed list of Members and Friends with Street address, Landline, Mobile and Email address.  We are wondering whether we should do that again, but postage is prohibitive for a hard copy.  

An Excel spreadsheet could be compiled from the information provided personally on the website and a copy emailed to all on our mailing list. 

Or that spreadsheet, which would be updateable, could be posted on the Website under About so individuals could access it when they need such information.  We would appreciate feedback from Members and Friends what they would prefer. 

Comments to please.  In any case, if you have changed any of those details recently, please LOG IN on the website and update or correct your information that is stored there.

Garden.  Once the large pile of garden rubbish has been removed in late November, we would like to implement a tidier system of disposing of kitchen and garden waste, like a Compost Bin.  Details later.

Tea Towels: Has someone taken tea towels from the Centre to launder?  We need them back – we are in short supply.

Fibre Chorus.  We are considering getting fibre cable installed with an Optical Network Terminal in the small consulting room.  The Centre is quite isolated as there is no landline either.  Getting an Internet account and modem is another stage.  It could be that those users who need an internet connection bring their own modem operating their own account.

Gift of Books.  Mike and Allysen Caris are downsizing and have generously offered their collection of anthroposophical books to the RS Centre Library.  To you both – a very warm thank you.




Anthroposophy, Culture and Spirit

A warm invitation to all and especially to Michelle Vette, our General Secretary

Monday 28th November at the Rudolf Steiner Centre.

Beginning at 5pm with coffee/tea and snack;

followed by Michelle’s sharing and news of meetings and happenings in Dornach.

With plenty of time for questions and conversation.


For more information contact Diana 021 706709
or Bernie 021 8887666


Posted: Sun 13 Nov 2022