News Sun 27 November

Branch News 47 – Sunday 27 November

Events in brief (*details further down)

            This week to Sunday 4 December

  • Conversation with Michelle Vette.  Mon 28 November 5:00pm *
  • School of Spiritual Science.  Sat 3 December from 9:30 to 12 noon

 Over the next month:

 HB Branch Committee meeting. Thu 8 December 5:30pm

  • Friday Group. 9 December. LT#16 -
  • “Art of First Goetheanum” Exhibition opens 17 December 3:30pm with talks. There will be 4 guided tours offered later.
  • Commemorating the loss of the First Goetheanum:
    A gathering on new Year’s eve, Saturday 31 December
    from 3:30 to 7pm including a shared meal.



Anthroposophy, Spirit and Culture


Talk by General Secretary,  Michelle Vette

Monday 28th November at the Rudolf Steiner Centre.

5:00 pm beginning with drinks and snack.


ART in the Centre Foyer

Ocean Art

by Eva Steinmetz-Urielli,
Beck Burns,
Live Worsnop,
Adrienne Couston.

17 November until 8 December 2022

The Centre is Open on afternoons from Monday to Thursday.


Where the ocean meets the land is a particularly productive zone for all creatures that rely on this environment.  

From the rocky pools to the swirling waves, sea and land Beings are submerged and exposed - over and over again, day after day, night after night, week after week.

The cyclic forces of the ocean remind us of the cyclic forces of the seasons as they come and go year after year.

These rhythms of Nature calm the mind and soul through stormy weather.


Notes from the Editor

What is ‘Natural Selection’?

Frank Thomas Smith writes in Southern Cross Review:

Darwin's theory is correct as far as it goes, but who or what is the authority that deems it incontrovertibly true?

Scientific materialism itself of course.

My only argument is not directed against its observable facts but the benediction:
  'natural selection' -- “The process according to which organisms with favourable traits are more likely to reproduce. In doing so, they pass on these traits to the next generation. Over time this process allows organisms to adapt to their environment.”

Therefore, Nature selects the favourable traits likely to reproduce.  And who, may I ask, is “Nature”, by definition capable of considering the advantages of certain traits and deciding which to infiltrate into the next generation.

Nobody decides anything, say the scientists; it's a random process.

This dogma is very much with us today.”




Posted: Sat 26 Nov 2022