News 05-23

Branch News – Sunday 5 February

Week 5, 2023

Events in brief (*details further down)

This week to Sunday 12 February 2023

  • Branch Committee meets on Thursday 9 February at 5:30 pm.
  • Friday Group starts again for the year on 10 February at 7 pm.

Over the Next Months:

  • The Branch AGM is on Saturday 15 March at 3 pm.

Coming repetitive Events will be announced here and an entry made on our Website page:  About/What’s Happening.  Then a reminder here in the week on which it starts. 
Please send notices to 

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Art Exhibition theme “Peace”

Dear artist,

There is an opportunity for you to participate in a mixed exhibition in the exhibition space at the Steiner Centre on 401 Whitehead Rd.  The exhibition will be on the theme of “Peace”.

The time will be mid-May to the end of June, which ties in with the Whitsun festival on Sunday May 28, 2023.

We would like to invite you to create or choose from your existing oeuvre a piece of art for this exhibition.  Be inspired by symbols of inner peace, birds, the dove, flames, the holy spirit, world peace and the colour white.

Please register your interest in contributing to this exhibition with either of us.

Kind regards,

Angela Hair:    

Eva Steinmetz-Urieli:

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Library Questions

From Margaret Stevenson, Librarian.  

Discussion: re Books written in German, currently kept in the Art Room at the Centre which include books and lectures by Rudolf Steiner, and by other authors with Anthroposophical themes.  Several members have questioned why we continue to have these books.  They are infrequently/never borrowed by the small number of German readers.  [[Note: there is a gifted archive of the complete works of Rudolf Steiner in German shelved in the storeroom]]

Would the shelving be better used for displaying, for example, the Art Section from the Library?  (Book shelf space is becoming an issue).

My suggestion is that Members are asked, via the newsletter, to share their ideas as to what might be the best solution.  These suggestions can be forwarded to myself by email prior to the AGM which is currently planned for 18 March 2023.  (The task at this stage is just to collect the ideas put forward).

At the AGM a group of people could form a ‘sub-committee’ to consider the ideas put forward by members and be asked to make a final decision by mid-year (July 2023).

Suggestions to date:

  • Box them all into robust, plastic containers and place them under the building.
  • Offer them first to our Hawkes Bay members, then to the wider New Zealand Anthroposophical community.  A sub-committee to make a decision as to how to dispose of the remainder.

At the present time, I see this as an issue for the Community to address rather than it just being an issue for the librarians.

Margaret   <>


Posted: Sun 05 Feb 2023