News 04-23

Branch News – Sunday 29 January

Week 4, 2023

Events in brief (*details further down)

This week to Sunday 5 February 2023

  • Study Group: We meet Monday nights at 7pm.  We are studying the karma lectures given in 1924.  We are still on the first book.  We would welcome anyone who would like to share in our study.  Please phone CHRIS BACCHUS  06- 8786883

 Over the Next Months:

  • Branch Committee meets on Thursday 9 February at 5:30 pm.

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The Rudolf Steiner Centre now has a Greenwaste Bin (with a green lid) collected fortnightly on Tuesdays from January 31.

Please differentiate carefully between it and the HDC red-lid weekly bin for general household rubbish.  


  • Grass clippings, hedge and rose pruning.
  • Unwrapped fruit and vegetable peelings
  • Leaves, Weeds, and garden debris.


  • Meat, bones and food scraps.
  • Bin liners, paper, plastic, cans.
  • Compostable coffee cups.
  • Compostable Nappies and bags.
  • Dog poop bags
  • Seedling pots, rocks, stones, dirt, turf, concrete, and plant containers.
  • Hazardous waste, containers of liquid, construction waste, car parts or any such items

   *  *  *  *  *   

Old Testament and Art Course

An invitation to gain an Esoteric Understanding of the Old Testament

As given by Rudolf Steiner and Emil Bock

Lecture and discussion with Cleone Armon,
followed by a painting exercise with Margaret-Mary Farr.

Term1 commences with the age of the First Kings – Saul, David and Solomon.
The twelve tribes are united, and Israel becomes great. 
After Solomon the Kingdom breaks up,
and the two remaining tribes are guided onward by the great Prophets.

Term 2: we see how the descent of Christ is finally prepared.
There are fierce battles in heaven and on earth.
Christ comes into the body of Jesus in the baptism in the Jordan, but takes three years to fully penetrate into it.

Cost: $253 per term.

Online or in person at Manawa Studio, Hastings.

Tuesday 9 am to 12 noon, commencing 14 February 202

Enquiries: or 027 248 4193.

Posted: Sun 05 Feb 2023