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Branch News – Sunday 12 February

Week 6, 2023

Events in brief (*details further down)

This week to Sunday 12 February 2023

  • Old Testament and Art Course starts at Manawa Studio Tuesday 14 February 9:00 to 12:15

Over the Next Months:

  • On Friday 24th February the Friday Group will mark Rudolf Steiner’s 162nd birthday at our regular fortnightly gathering at 7 pm.  Any member or friend of the Branch is welcome to come and join us.  Benjamin Crellin will lead with an introductory talk.  Then there will be time for other contributions and discussion.

Coming repetitive Events will be announced here once and an entry made on our Website page:  About/What’s HappeningThen a reminder here in the week on which it starts.

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Library New Acquisitions

  • James A. Dyson “Soul-Size
    – the Eternal Psychosomatic Dilemma
    – an exploration of anthroposophic physiology and psychology”
  • Rudolf Steiner “The Foundations of Human Experience”
    [earlier translated as ‘Study of Man’
    – the founding course for Waldorf teachers]

  • Jesiah Ben-Aharon “The New Experience of the Supersensible”

  • Iris Paxino “Bridges Between Life and Death”

Current Art Display in Foyer

The artwork on display at the centre during February/March is by
Bettie Huibers.

Born in the Netherlands, Bettie moved to New Zealand in 1983 and is presently residing in Waipukurau.  She has shown her work through exhibitions and galleries in New Zealand.

Bettie works in two different ways across a wide range of media including acrylics, oil paints an

d watercolours:

One is the exploration of colours and their associated moods; letting them manifest gradually into forms from which a theme is discovered.

For this process, colour is approached as a vehicle or motive towards the completed work.  This allows the focus on colour so that whatever happens on canvas, in the way of structure, form and composition takes on a subconscious role.

The second method is to start with a theme or subject and consciously choose a suitable colour palette which gradually brings out that subject through the paint on the canvas.  This gives a more traditional approach, but still allows the space to explore the qualitative aspects of colour.

To achieve the required results layers are applied of translucent colours by brush on canvas built up over time to create shifting colour fields of varying depths.

Most of the Paintings on display are inspired by nature and have a seasonal feel through the colours:

  1. In loving memory
  2. Anemone flower
  3. Winter rose [Hellebores]
  4. Blossom Tree
  5. Musical colours
  6. Landscape

Eva Steinmetz-Urieli, Art Therapist  02102771201

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Art Exhibition theme is “Peace”

Dear artist,

There is an opportunity for you to participate in a mixed exhibition in the exhibition space at the Steiner Centre on 401 Whitehead Rd.  The exhibition will be on the theme of “Peace”.

The time will be mid-May to the end of June, which ties in with the Whitsun festival on Sunday, May 28, 2023.

We would like to invite you to create or choose from your existing oeuvre a piece of art for this exhibition.  Be inspired by symbols of inner peace, birds, the dove, flames, the holy spirit, world peace and the colour white.

Please register your interest in contributing to this exhibition with either of us.

Kind regards,

Angela Hair:    

Eva Steinmetz-Urieli:

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Several months ago, the Society was approached by the daughter of an elder German man, Dietrich, who had worked in his youth as a fencer for several years on a farm owned by an early anthroposophist, Edna Burbury, who lived at Taruna with Ruth Nelson.  His mother was an anthroposophist who had contacted Edna to make the placement.  They are visiting NZ but were not sure where the farm was – so they enquired of us for help.  With the help of Taruna Trustee, Chris Crompton-Smith, we have located the farm, Rawhenua, on River Road, north of Sherenden, west of Napier, but things have changed since the 1960s when Dietrich was here.  The farm has been bought by an Asian corporation and planted in pines for carbon credits – so no one to see – and pines don’t need fences.  Dietrich and his two daughters will be in HB from 13 to 15th February.  They have asked if they could meet some local Anthroposophists while they are here.

I have suggested that we meet at Taruna, which is where Edna lived while he was here before.  5 pm on Tuesday 14th February (Valentine's Day) at Taruna.  If any readers would like to join me in welcoming them, then please join us at 33 Te Mata Peak Road, Havelock North at that time.

If you can come, please send me a text so that I know to expect you.

Robin Bacchus 022-3982805.

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 Rubbish and Greenwaste

Please do not start a rubbish or waste pile around the back of the building.

We are not building a compost pile as we have so many pernicious weeds such as oxalis and convolvulus which need to be ‘cooked’ in high-temperature piles which we cannot manage.

So please put rubbish in the red-lid HDC bin and Greenwaste in the green-lid Environmental bin.

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Unclutter your life, breathe and refresh



Eurythmy with Sue Simpson

9.00am or 7.00pm

6 sessions starting Thursday 16 February

Rudolf Steiner Centre, 401 Whitehead Rd, Hastings

Costs: $90 (if you want to know more, drop in for a taster session)



In 5 weeks, we have our AGM on Sat 18 March, when one of our tasks is to approve the Branch’s financial budget for 2023.  This will depend on what our goals and projects are for this year. 

  • What do you, as a member of the Branch want to see happen, whether for yourself personally, or for a group of members, or for the public of Hawkes Bay. 
  • How are we able to help our locality or region and the people thereof? 
  • Discuss with your group or watercolours you envisage and let us know.
  • Be prepared to introduce and discuss your idea or project at our AGM.

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Committee – new members

The Committee asks active members to consider either becoming or nominating someone to be a member of the Committee of Hawkes Bay Branch of the Anthroposophical Society in New Zealand.

For details of the Committee’s responsibilities see: 
Information Sheet - Anthroposophy in Hawkes Bay (

If you are interested, please contact the Chair
or 022-3982805 or 06-8778936
at any time before the AGM begins on Saturday 18 March at 3 pm..

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Personal Details

At the beginning of the year is a good to ensure that your personal details on our website contact list for communication is correct.  Go to our website and log in with your email and check your postal address and your phone/mobile especially if you have decided to ditch your landline recently.  If you change your email address you may need to connect me directly and I may have to make a new entry as the email is the key element. 
If you have any problem with this please contact Robin at

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Posted: Sat 11 Feb 2023