News 09-23

Branch News – Sunday 5 March

Week 9, 2023

Events in brief

This week to Sunday 12 March


Anthroposophy, Culture and Spirit

Monday, 6th March, 5:00 pm

Members and friends are welcome to our first session of the year. There will be light snacks followed by a talk by Clayton Gibson on the theme -


"What is it to be an Anthroposophist in changing times and as a citizen of a Pacific Nation?

The talk will be part biographical and part describing my journey as an Anthroposophist in the ever-changing Waldorf education environment."


Bernie Raichle and Diana Bacchus

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Next week:


                             Anthroposophy, Culture and Spirit.


An invitation.


Dear Community and Friends. As we write this we are mindful of the pervading aftermath of the cyclone that deluged Hawkes Bay and far beyond.

We would like to invite you, young and old, well and not so well to come and join us on

Monday 13th March, at 10 a.m.

for a friendly, supportive morning tea and get together.  Apart from sharing experiences of  recent events, we invite you to share  thoughts, literature, poems, art works etc that are important to you at such times.  These contributions could help us all and bring different perspectives on what seem to be calamitous events.  They could also inspire us to do something further to help ourselves or to help others and to move forward with hope and positivity


We hope that you will come and join us.

Please feel free to bring a plate if you are able.


Also do let us know should you need transport, and we will gladly arrange this.


Diana Bacchus 021 706 709 or Bernie Raichle 021 0888 7666

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Notice to Members

The Annual General Meeting of the

Hawkes Bay Branch of the
Anthroposophical Society in New Zealand

Will be held on

Saturday 18 March at 3:00 pm

In the Rudolf Steiner Centre Hastings

The Agenda and Annual Report will be posted on the Members’ section of our website:

They may be amended or updated before the meeting.


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Michael Burton writes:

I have begun writing essays which I publish on the free site, Substack, or which you can see on Counterspin Media blog. The general theme is issues relating to the spiritual-cultural life of humanity and how they are woven together with what is happening politically. 


Here is the article I wrote last week about weather manipulation in NZ. It is an attempt to open people’s minds to what is happening, and I would be glad if you would pass it on. 


There are two ways you can access this:


1. This is a link to my substack, where this and other articles are published.


Ignore the invitation to pay – my writing will always be free. (Of course donations welcome, if you wish.)  Please consider subscribing – I can’t promise how many essays there will be – perhaps one every two weeks although recently I’ve done more than that.  

Please consider also sharing with others who would be interested. 


2. Link to where it can be found on Counterspin Media


I write under the penname Mike Bee.           


All the best, 


Michael (Mike Bee)


Posted: Sun 05 Mar 2023