News 08-23

Branch News – Sunday 26 February

Week 8, 2023

Events in brief

This week to Sunday 5 March

  • School of Spiritual Science. Saturday 4 March

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Anthroposophy, Culture and Spirit

Monday, 6th March, 5 pm

Members and friends are welcome to our first session of the year. There will be light snacks followed by a talk by Clayton Gibson on the theme -


"What is it to be an Anthroposophist in changing times and as a citizen of a Pacific Nation?

The talk will be part biographical and part describing my journey as an Anthroposophist in the ever-changing Waldorf education environment."

Bernie Raichle and Diana Bacchus


Facing Ruin

Paulette Durrant offers this poem from a book
 “The Sun Path” by Eleanor Trives:

In the ruin of worlds
What will survive?
What will shine forth
Through the dust of destruction
As seeds, as stars?
A few works of beauty,
Great friendships and bonds of fate,
Great thoughts for a new creation.

Paulette writes: ‘I couldn’t help thinking when I began to see the impact of the cyclone that this could be an opportunity for developing and working with the land in a more sustainable way.  Imagine what may be possible.’

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Art Exhibition theme “Peace”

Dear artist,

There is an opportunity for you to participate in a mixed exhibition in the exhibition space at the Steiner Centre on 401 Whitehead Rd.  The exhibition will be on the theme of “Peace”.

The time will be mid-May to the end of June, which ties in with the Whitsun festival on Sunday May 28, 2023.

We would like to invite you to create or choose from your existing oeuvre a piece of art for this exhibition.  Be inspired by symbols of inner peace, birds, the dove, flames, the holy spirit, world peace and the colour white.

Please register your interest in contributing to this exhibition with either of us.

Kind regards,

Angela Hair:    

Eva Steinmetz-Urieli:

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In 9 weeks, we have our AGM on Sat 18 March, when one of tasks is to approve the Branch’s financial budget for 2023.  This will depend on what our goals and projects are for this year. 

  • What do you, as a member of the Branch want to see happen, whether for yourself personally, or for a group of members, or for the public of Hawkes Bay. 
  • How are we able to help our locality or region and the people thereof? 
  • Discuss with your group or with friends the possibilities that you envisage and let us know.
  • Be prepared to introduce and discuss your idea or project at our AGM.

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Committee – new members

The Committee asks active members to consider either becoming or nominating someone to be a member of the Committee of Hawkes Bay Branch of the Anthroposophical Society in New Zealand.

For details of the Committee’s responsibilities see: 
Information Sheet - Anthroposophy in Hawkes Bay (

If you are interested, please write a letter of nomination signed by

  • the nominee, and
  • two proposers who are (financial) members.


to be sent/emailed as an attachment to the Chair - preferably before 1 March – so that it can be included in the AGM Agenda; but nominations can be sent or handed to the Chairman at any time before the meeting begins on Saturday 18 March at 3 pm..

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Personal Details

At the beginning of the year is a good to ensure that your personal details on our website contact list for communication is correct.  Go to our website and log in with your email and check your postal address and your phone/mobile especially if you have decided to ditch your landline recently.  If you change your email address you may need to connect me directly and I may have to make a new entry as the email is the key element. 
If you have any problem with this please contact Robin at

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Old Testament and Art Course

An invitation to gain an Esoteric Understanding of the Old Testament

As given by Rudolf Steiner and Emil Bock

Lecture and discussion with Cleone Armon,
followed by a painting exercise with Margaret-Mary Farr.

Term1 commences with the age of the First Kings – Saul, David and Solomon.
The twelve tribes are united, and Israel becomes great. 
After Solomon the Kingdom breaks up,
and the two remaining tribes are guided onward by the great Prophets.

Term 2: we see how the descent of Christ is finally prepared.
There are fierce battles in heaven and on earth.
Christ comes into the body of Jesus in the baptism in the Jordan, but takes three years to fully penetrate into it.

Cost: $253 per term.

Online or in person at Manawa Studio, Hastings.

Tuesday 9 am to 12 noon, commencing 14 February 202

Enquiries: or 027 248 4193.

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Posted: Wed 10 May 2023