News 11-23

Branch News – Sunday 19 March

Week 11, 2023

Events in brief      

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This week to Sunday 26 March

  • Friday Group. Friday 24 March at 7pm.  There will be a focus on Leading thoughts 20 to 22.
  • Autumn Festival. Saturday 25 March at 7:30 pm.  See poster on website ‘About/What’s Happening’.

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The Annual General Meeting of the

Hawkes Bay Branch of the
Anthroposophical Society in New Zealand

Was held on

Saturday 18 March at 3:00 pm

In the Rudolf Steiner Centre Hastings

24 members attended.  Minutes will be available soon.


Reports on Events


Community morning tea . . .

            Reflection by Bernie Raichle

On Monday just passed a large group of community members and friends came together over refreshments to reflect on the time during and following the recent tumultuous cyclone that brought havoc to Hawkes Bay and beyond.

Being able to share our personal experiences in a safe and caring environment in itself wrapped around those present with a sense of warmth and community.


The following very meaningful psalm was shared by Diana Bacchus in the course of the morning:


“The Bridge” by Joy Cowley


There are times in life
when we are called to be bridges,
not a great monument spanning a distance
and carrying loads of heavy traffic,
but a simple bridge to help one person
from here to there over some difficulty
such as pain, grief, fear, loneliness.
a bridge which opens the way
for ongoing journey.


When I become a bridge for another,
I bring upon myself a blessing,
for I escape from the small prison of self
and exist for a wider world,
breaking out to be a larger being
who can enter another’s pain
and rejoice in another’s triumph.


I know of only one greater blessing
in this life, and that is
to allow someone else
to be a bridge for me.


From AOTEAROA PSALMS by Joy Cowley


A topic on many people’s minds was the lack of all forms of communication and a suggestion was made that we look at reinstating a system similar to what we had in years gone by in the form of the telephone tree. Obviously, this could only be enabled once power was restored but knowing that people were safe leads to them feeling more secure and enhances well-being.


‘HB Anthroposophic nurses are offering pop up sessions with nursing therapies for care and support following the cyclone. 

These are at Hohepa Clive and Poraiti
and will be at Taikura or the Rudolf Steiner Centre
and Mamia at Waipatu Marae.

More details to come. ‘


The morning drew to a close with the following verse spoken By Florian Roger


The stars spoke once to humanity
It is world destiny that they are silent now
To be aware of the silence
Can become pain for us on earth

But in the deepening silence there grows
What we speak to the stars
To be aware of the speaking
Can become strength for spirit man.






This week there has been more reaction, this time positive.  There is support for a section of the Newsletter for individual communications with a request that any links are to individual work, not for platforms as such.

Robin Bacchus



The following communications are from individuals.


Greetings everyone,

last year - or was it the year before? - I gave a Monday morning 'Conversations' talk about my work writing my book How to Know Reality.  

This is a just a brief update on that project, as I am occasionally asked how it is getting on.  Because of other commitments, I am managing one chapter a month, writing every day.

I am now up to Chapter 16 The Birth of the Higher Self, and have five more chapters to complete before the book is ready in a draft form.  I need to go through the entire book after reaching that goal, in order to organise it more effectively.  The publisher in England is patient and supportive, and no doubt will make more changes to it when he receives it.  So I would estimate, at the present rate, it might be available during 2024. 

For updates please refer to my website 

best wishes as ever


Ian Trousdell

NZ - 13 Roslyn Road, Napier 4110


NZ mobile +64 21 959 112

WhatsApp - via NZ mobile

WeChat ID = Tros6566


Posted: Wed 10 May 2023