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Branch News – Saturday 8 April

Week 14, 2023

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Events in brief      

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This week to Sunday 16 April


  • Easter Saturday, 8 April. 7pm for 7:30pm start.  A small gathering is taking place in the Rudolf Steiner Centre to share thoughts, stories and poems on the theme of Easter.  Lightening the Darkness.
    John Jackson and Robyn Hewetson.


The following link is to a lecture Rudolf Steiner gave to the workmen of the Goetheanum on 12 April 1924 about
The Easter Festival and its Background”.  
He relates it to the pre-Christian Adonis festival which was celebrated in autumn.  The modern celebrations have lost relevance or connection to the essential message that on the third day after death one’s soul-spiritual lives on (resurrects) in a spiritual world.

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The Art of Well-Being

Taruna College is delighted to be offering
The Art of Well-Being which is commencing with its first week from the 16th to 21st May.

If you are in need of renewal and nourishment, come and join us at Taruna for the Art of Well-Being, encompassing three five-day seminars this year.

The programme allows us to focus on Art; Life-story work and Contemporary, holistic thinking to deepen and renew our own well-being.

For more information go to Taruna’s website


Noho ora mai

Charmaine Wilson

Posted: Wed 10 May 2023