News 17-23

Branch News – Sunday 30 April

Week 17, 2023

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Events in brief      

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This week to Sunday 7 May

  • Thursday 4 May at 5:30.  Inaugural meeting of the Branch Committee to share hopes and expectations for the year ahead and allocate areas of responsibility.
  • Saturday 6 May from 9:30 to noon.  School of Spiritual Science.


We warmly welcome to our community from Australia, Sara Isherwood who is working with the adult community at Hohepa.

Bean Burns Art – current display at the Rudolf Steiner Centre Foyer

Bean Burns is a Hawkes Bay local artist who works in a wide variety of media from: acrylic and oil paint to copper leaf oxidized, dye, plaster and more.  With the help of these materials and tools, Bean creates unique pieces of abstract art.

Bean is inspired by nature and our inner worlds.  Rather than capturing the likeness of nature, Bean is more interested in the abstract feelings we get from our surroundings – how both nature and our inner worlds make us feel.

The collection on display is a range of work from the past few years.

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The Friday Branch meeting gathers on the 2nd and 4th Friday of each month from 7 to 8:30 pm.  The meeting on 12 May will focus on the Leading Thoughts 29 to 31.



Contributions from members:


From Robin Bacchus:

Some Interesting quotes relating to Angela Findlay’s book “In my Grandfather’s Shadow

In this book the author wrestles with the question of how much guilt we bear and how much responsibility we should carry for the sins/deeds of our ancestors, from whom we inherit many physical characteristics that we carry through life. 
Her grandfather was a Wehrmacht General in World War 2.

“War is made possible when ordinary people follow orders without question because they never stop to think they have a choice.”  AF

“To be ignorant of what occurred before you were born is to remain always a child.  For what is the worth of a human life unless it is woven into the lives of our ancestors by the records of history.”
          Cicero (Statesman and philosopher of 1st century BC)

“Human beings are free insofar as they are able to obey themselves in every moment of their lives.”
          Rudolf Steiner

“If you treat an individual as he is, he will remain as he is.  But if you treat people as if they were what they ought to be, you help them become what they are capable of being.”
          JW von Goethe (in Wilhelm Meister’s Apprenticeship.)

“It is through science we prove, but it is through intuition that we discover.”
          Henri Poincaré (Science and Method)

“The dead are invisible; they are not absent.”
          St Augustine of Hippo

“It is only with the heart that one can see rightly: what is essential is invisible to the eyes.”
          The fox in Antoine de Saint-Exupéry’s The Little Prince.

Posted: Wed 10 May 2023