News 18-23

Branch News – Sunday 7 May

Week 18, 2023

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Events in brief           

Note ** means see below.

  • Initiative Group** meeting.  Wednesday 10 May at 10am in Centre.
  • “Parcival” – a talk** and artistic activities on Whitsunday 28 May from 3:30pm


We warmly welcome Mathias Lesniak and his wife Heidi (Stevens) and children from Norway to Hawkes Bay.  Mathias works internationally designing websites (including that of the Goetheanum).

Initiative Group

The Initiative Group was formed last year to promote talks and activities in the Centre based on Anthroposophy of interest to members and friends.

"Celebrating the First Goetheanum" was a successful series of events over Christmas and New Year and was the most recent event arranged by this Initiative Group. 

We have met again recently to discuss and plan events for the future.  We like to work closely with the ASNZ Council to coordinate events. share what we are doing and discuss related issues.  Michelle Vette has kindly agreed to meet with us at the Centre on Wednesday, 10th May at 10:00.  If interested, you are welcome to join us.

Diana Bacchus (for the Initiative Group)

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The Parcival Legend

Talk on Parcival on Whit Sunday 28th of May.

(More details next week)

The Parcival legend is often studied in Class 11 in Waldorf Schools. 

It is told in a long medieval poem written by Wolfram von Eschenbach:

He writes: “This very day there comes to it a message, wherein lies its greatest power.

Today is Good Friday and they await there a dove winging down from the Heavens.”

The symbol of the white dove is very connected with Good Friday, Whitsun and the Holy Grail.

At this time of Whitsun I would like to share with you some thoughts on the story of Parcival and how he was called to the Grail at Whitsuntide.

What was his path of development to become worthy of entering the Grail castle again and whom did he choose to accompany him?
This last aspect leads to the second theme: Parcival between East and West.

Ineke van Florenstein Mulder

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Taruna College announces:

Taruna College is delighted to be offering the Art of Well-Being  course which is commencing on the 16th - 21st May   If you are in need of renewal and nourishment, come and join us at Taruna for the Art of Well-Being, encompassing three five-day seminars this year.  The programme allows us to focus on Art; Life-story work and Contemporary, holistic thinking to deepen and renew our own well-being. 

For more information go to Taruna’s website

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Starting in June the Foundation Course in Anthroposophic Nursing (FCAN) at Taruna College is being offered to registered nurses.

Taruna College, with endorsement from the Anthroposophic Nurse Association in NZ (ANANZ), is very excited to offer this course again in 2023-4.  This part-time education process over eighteen months has accreditation from the International Forum for Anthroposophic Nursing (IFAN) and will prepare nurses to work with external treatments including working with the parts of the Rhythmical Einreibung (Rhythmical Body Oiling).

For more information go to our website




Posted: Wed 10 May 2023