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Branch News – Sunday 14 May

Week 19, 2023

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Coming Events at the Rudolf Steiner Centre:

  • Friday 26 May. 7pm Branch meeting. Leading Thoughts 32-34
  • Saturday 27 May. 10:30am. meeting with ASNZ Council.
  • Sunday 28 May. 3pm. Parcival Legend event.



ASNZ Council

Morning tea and Conversation
with the Anthroposophical Society Council
You are invited to a Saturday morning conversation with the Council of the Anthroposophical Society NZ on Saturday 27th May beginning with morning tea at 10.30am followed by a conversation from 11am to 12 noon.
The Council members are Michelle Vette, General Secretary; Trisha Glover and Nic Parkes. 

Saturday 27th May

at Rudolf Steiner Centre, 401 Whitehead Road, Hastings.

10.30am - 12noon

A time to be together and share what is happening in the Hawkes Bay region and what is happening at a national level; the opportunities and the challenges!
We look forward to spending time with you.
Trisha Glover



The Parcival Legend

on Whit Sunday 28th of May.

Artistic activity led by Kathy Allan.  (Those who have a set of coloured pastels, please bring them) paper supplied.  (A ‘koha’ would be appreciated).  To assist in the preparation of space we would like an indication if you intend to participate in this activity – please send a note to Ineke at or 027-9488 725


Verse read by John Jackson

Ineke Mulder will then talk about the significance of this legend for our world today.  She writes:

“In preparation of every cultural epoch there arises a saga, foreshadowing the state of consciousness of the epoch to come.
The Gilgamesh saga, centred round the search for immortality, points at what is to come: the Egyptian cult of the Dead and the sentient soul time.
In the Odyssey where we meet Odysseus, described as “the cunning one”, the picture of what is to come in the Greco- Roman time: the Intellectual (Comprehension) soul.
So, it is with the Parcival, written in the 13th century, but set in the 9th century.
In this saga we are shown the path to the development of the consciousness/ spiritual soul time in which we currently live.
Parcival (Parzival, Parsifal, Percival) – this is not a personal name but a stage of development – has to grow through several stages before he is worthy to enter the Grail Castle.  (The word Grail comes from “gradalis”: step by step.)
And what is the Grail?  A stone, fallen out of the Heavens, a chalice, a flower?
It gives everyone that which they desire most!”

In my talk I would like to explore the stages of development as described by Wolfram von Eschenbach especially how these stages connect with our time.
Parcival has to learn to ask the right question, then his name will appear on the Grail.  Who are his teachers?
One cannot come to the Grail, unless one takes one’s brother/sister with one.
Parcival (mother Herzeloyde – heart’s sorrow) chooses his half-brother Fierefiz (mother Belcane), the mightiest King of the East.  Does that give us, in this time of global connectedness an indication of how we can look at this relationship between East and West in our times?

Ineke was one of the founding teachers of the Taikura High School, teaching History, and the medieval romance of Parzival in Class Eleven.

Notes from the Editor.
The Parcival#1 legend is often studied in Class 11 in Waldorf Schools#2.  It is told in a long [430 pages] medieval poem “Parzival” – a Romance of the Middle Ages written by the knight-poet Wolfram von Eschenbach, in the early 13th century.
(The text is available digitally as a Word document [and other formats] from:
 Wolfram von Eschenbach - Parzival - A new downloadable translation (

#1. There are many versions of this name in Grail legends:
Dutch         -        Parcival
German      -        Parzival (Wolfram von Eschenbach’s poem)
German   -           Parsifal (Richard Wagner’s opera)
French       -        Perceval (Chrétien de Troyes’ story)
English      -        Percival (in Arthurian romances)

Welsh        -        Peredur

A possible source of the name:
        ‘pierce the veil’ of darkness/ignorance.

   #2. See article “Parzival – the journey of Adolescence” in the Waldorf Library:



A warm welcome to new member Belinda Simcox who is relocating from Auckland to Hawkes Bay.


Committee news

This year’s Committee had its inaugural meeting on 4 May.  Roles were allocated as follows:
Chair .         .         .          Robin Bacchus  
Secretary            .            Angela Hair
Treasurer            .            Stephen Diedericks
Festivals, Events .           John Jackson
Property, Maintenance     Robyn Hewetson

The minutes of the meeting are posted on the website. under the Members section.
Areas of Responsibility will be posted soon on the website and the Foyer Noticeboard.
Revision of insurance for building – we have been advised that our insurance for Contents seems very high whereas that for the building is very inadequate.
A Soft-wash of the building is necessary to preserve the paintwork. 
Branch Rules review: Three Anthroposophical Branches in NZ (HB, AK, WN). own properties and thus have formed Charitable Societies as ownership entities.  A new Incorporated Societies Act 2022 has passed into law which will affect the form of our rules.  We will research – perhaps jointly – the implications of the Act on our Branch.  It will also affect the ASNZ.

Charities Commission: Our annual report to the Commission is due on 30 June.


                                       Income                Expenditure
Year to date:                 $6,278.10            $5,724.87
Cashflow                          $553.23
(A major part of our expenditure was Insurance cost of $3,126.71)



For over 40 years we have been fortunate to have the Rudolf Steiner Centre as a place to ground our activities – a place to stand – to which we can come and feel at home with and meet others who share our interests.
As we know, such a place costs money to maintain.  The main costs, insurance, rates, electricity and maintenance, are increasing significantly.  The AGM in April 2023 approved our modest budget of $21,300 which will hopefully cover all associated expenses.  When averaged among our 120 local members, this comes to about $177 each.  Fortunately for us all, though, this will be supplemented by income from room rentals, which is variable, and from personal visitor contributions to the KOHA box, also variable, but with the potential to grow – with the help of increased awareness of the role and use of the Koha box and individual generosity.
So, to help maintain our Centre with its excellent library and variety of meeting spaces, we agreed at our AGM to ask that each member makes a charitable* donation for the year 2023 of $90 (about $1.73 per week) – According to personal circumstances some might be able to contribute more, some less.  You may choose a monthly Direct Credit or a lump sum.
* You are eligible for IRD tax refund of 33% for charitable donations.

Here are the internet banking details:
For your charitable donation receipt, please identify yourself:
Bank account: 38-9016-0511420-00.  Code: 2023sub
Particulars: <Surname>. Reference: <Firstname>


Notice to members:   Monday nights at the Centre......  7pm.  We continue to read Rudolf Steiner's lectures on "Karma".  We are beginning the second volume now.  Interested people are warmly welcome to join us.  contact person Christopher Bacchus 8786883


Flowform whereabouts?

Does anyone know the current whereabouts of the miniature Flowform that was located in the Foyer?  Contact


Membership of the Anthroposophical Society
is open to any individual who wishes to affirm Anthroposophy and the worldwide work based at the Goetheanum.
This is an open society, without political agenda or religious affiliation. Becoming a member opens up opportunities to meet with others who strive to integrate the spiritual with their everyday life and work. Being a member of a religion, political party or culture, is not a hindrance to joining the Anthroposophical Society. The work of the Society is inspired by the philosophy and spiritual insights of Rudolf Steiner. If you would like to join the Society you may wish to first speak with one of the Group Representatives, for more information contact
Apply on line or send your membership application to the General Secretary of the Anthroposophical Society in New Zealand, Michelle Vette, 15 Leyland Road, Te Awanga, 4102.
On-line application:



Hohepa Cheese-makers have won another Cheese award


Posted: Sun 14 May 2023