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Branch News – Sunday 28 May

Week 21, 2023

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Events in brief      

Note ** means see below.

  • Today at 3pm at the Centre.  Art and Talk relating to the Parcival saga.**
  • Saturday 3 June. 9:30 to noon. School of Spiritual Science lesson 4
  • Monday 12 June 5pm at the Centre.  Conversations **


Today’s event is a Festival of Whitsunday#5.

* 3pm
Artistic activity led by Kathy Allan.  (Those who have a set of coloured pastels, please bring them) paper supplied.  (A ‘koha’ would be appreciated).  To assist in the preparation of space we would like an indication if you intend to participate in this activity – please send a note to Ineke at or 027-9488 725

* 4pm

Verse read by John Jackson

Ineke Mulder will then talk about the significance of the Parcival saga for our world today.  She writes:

“In preparation of every cultural epoch there arises a saga, foreshadowing the state of consciousness of the epoch to come.
The Gilgamesh saga, centred round the search for immortality, points at what is to come: the Egyptian cult of the Dead and the sentient soul time.
In the Odyssey where we meet Odysseus, described as “the cunning one”, the picture of what is to come in the Greco- Roman time: the Intellectual (Comprehension) soul.
So, it is with the Parcival, written in the 13th century, but set in the 9th century.
In this saga we are shown the path to the development of the consciousness/ spiritual soul time in which we currently live.
Parcival (Parzival, Parsifal, Percival) – this is not a personal name but a stage of development – has to grow through several stages before he is worthy to enter the Grail#3 Castle.  (The word Grail comes from “gradalis”: step by step.)
And what is the Grail?  A stone, fallen out of the Heavens, a chalice, a flower?
It gives everyone that which they desire most!”

In my talk I would like to explore the stages of development as described by Wolfram von Eschenbach especially how these stages connect with our time.
Parcival has to learn to ask the right question, then his name will appear on the Grail.  Who are his teachers?
One cannot come to the Grail, unless one takes one’s brother/sister with one.
Parcival chooses his half-brother Fierefiz#2, the mightiest King of the East.  Does that give us, in this time of global connectedness an indication of how we can look at this relationship between East and West in our times?

Ineke was one of the founding teachers of the Taikura High School. Her teaching included History, and the medieval romance of Parzival in Class Eleven.

After the talk Anna Reid will lead us in singing the Grail Knight’s Song.  Music will be provided.



Further Notes from the Editor.
     Ineke will not be recounting the Saga itself, so if you are unfamiliar with it, you can get a brief idea of its content from the article by John Wulsin referenced below.

The original saga is a long [430 pages] medieval poem “Parzival” – a Romance of the Middle Ages written by the knight-poet Wolfram von Eschenbach, in the early 13th century – towards the end of the 4th Post-Atlantean Age (which Rudolf Steiner dates from 747 BC to 1413 AD.)
The text is available digitally as a Word document [and other formats] from:
 Wolfram von Eschenbach - Parzival - A new downloadable translation (

    #  Parzival’s father is King Gahmuret, his mother a western Queen Herzeloyde (heart’s sorrow).  His older half-brother is Fierefiz (mother eastern Moorish (black) Queen Belcane).

    See article “Parzival – the journey of Adolescence” written by John Wulsin, a teacher in the Green Meadows Waldorf School near New York.  It gives an outline of the saga itself.  You can find it in the Waldorf online Library:

   #  The Holy Grail.  A number of sagas and tales of knights seeking the Holy grail appeared in the 12th century.  They pictured the Grail in various ways.  In one it is a stone in the crown of Lucifer, struck off by Michael during a battle in heaven, that fell to earth and was fashioned into a chalice used for the wine in the Last Supper and later used by Joseph of Arimathea to catch the blood of Christ on the cross.  He takes it west to Avalon in England where King Arthur’s court is held.
In another, the Grail is an angelic being only visible to Christian initiates.
It can also be seen as the human Spirit Self – the astral body purified and spiritualised by the ego -- (the Golden Fleece of the Greeks) – a goal of human development in our time.

   #  Whitsun or (Pentecost -- 50 Days after Easter).  
This Festival commemorates the descent of the Holy Spirit upon the Apostles and other followers of Jesus Christ while they were in Jerusalem celebrating the Feast of Weeks (to celebrate Moses receiving the Ten Commandments) as described in the Acts of the Apostles.  The day is a pivotal point in the Parzival saga:





Anthroposophy, Spirit and Culture


We look forward to our next Conversations gathering on -

Monday, 12th June

5:00p.m. at the Centre


Light snacks will be followed by a talk by Michelle Vette.  There will be more details about the content or her talk in the next Newsletter, but circle this date on your calendar.

Diana Bacchus and Bernie Raichle



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Treasurer.  We urgently need someone to offer their services as the Branch’s Treasurer.  (Stephen is unable to take up this position.)  Our retiring Treasurer, Kate Hartland, wishes to hand over the reins a.s.a.p. as she going overseas in June.
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Posted: Sun 04 Jun 2023