News 25-23

Branch News – Sunday 25 June

Week 25, 2023

Coming Events in brief

  • Thursday 29 June 6 to 9pm. Southern Hemisphere/ South Pacific Members Forum (ZOOM).
    Refer to email from News@ASNZ of 17 June.
  • Saturday 1 July, 9:30 to 12. School of Spiritual Science
  • Saturday 1 July at 7 for 7:30 pm. Festival for the Dead
    with an offering of the Dreamsong of Olav Åsteson.
    Further details to be announced.
  • Friday 14 July, 7 to 8:30pm Leading Thoughts 41-43



The Committee of the HB Branch of the ASNZ is still seeking a Treasurer.  If you can help or you know someone who could help, please contact Robin Bacchus on 


Study Groups?

Are there any anthroposophical Study Groups that would like to announce their existence to other members?
If so, please send details to 




Robin Bacchus is offering a series of 3 Artistic Geometry classes on the following Saturdays of July [15, 22, 29] from 2 to 4 pm in the Art Room in the Centre.  
Cost $10+ koha for the Centre per session.

Please register your interest with Robin on 022-398 2805 or

If you have them, please bring a compass, long ruler, HB pencil, eraser, and coloured pencils.  If you don't have any, I can provide them.

The following are some of the possibilities -- the group can choose which one...




 UPDATE: This term our 10 guided colour meditations have come from Rudolf Steiners' lectures on "The Spiritual Hierarchies". Our focus being on the 1st Hierarchies' role of beaming in their forces of warmth from the Zodiac and laying down the first seeds of the human physical body. A big picture for a small piece of paper. Each week we have met a Being and the gift it imparts to the creation of the human being.....

 NEXT TERM 3:  The 10 colour meditations will come from the story of Wagner’s Opera "The Ring". This is a magical tale full of Elemental Beings, Giants, the Norse Gods, and human Heroes'. It centres around the problems that arise when Gold is desired for less than good reasons...

 WHERE: Rudolf Steiner Centre

TIME:  Wednesdays TERM time....10am - 11.30am

MATERIALS: Pastels Mungyo brand and bulky newsprint paper can be bought at Humanity Books

COST: $15 per session

CONTACT: Kathy Allan 027-2330970 or

Booking is essential.

House Sitter wanted

Kindly house sitter required for Bella (foxy) and Basil (cat). 25 August -15 September 2023

Please contact Sophie on 027-4889328 



Posted: Thu 13 Jul 2023