News 29-23

Branch News – Sunday 23 July

Week 29, 2023

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Coming Events in brief

Note ** means see below for more details.

  • Wednesday 26 July.  Start of Therapeutic Art with Kathy Allan
  • Friday 28 July.  7 to 8:30pm Leading Thoughts 44 to 46
  • Saturday 29 July.  3pm.  Farewell for Hans and Ineke Mulder**
  • Tuesday 1 August. Start of Old Testament studies with Cleone Armon
  • Saturday 5 August, 9:30 to noon.  School of Spiritual Science 6
  • Saturday 2 September, 9:30 to noon.  School of Spiritual Science 7
  • Friday 8 September.  7 to 8:30pm Leading Thoughts 47 to 49



We warmly invite you to share afternoon tea on

 Saturday 29th July, at 3pm

Rudolf Steiner Centre, 401 Whitehead Road, Hastings.

This event is to farewell

Hans and Ineke von Florenstein Mulder
who soon will be moving to Christchurch.  

We would like to acknowledge all the gifts Hans and Ineke have shared with us in so many Anthroposophical endeavours since their arrival in Hawkes Bay 50 years ago.

All welcome

The Initiative Group.


Visual Mantra

Over my years of tutoring at Taruna College and running Waldorf educational seminars in Asia I (Robin Bacchus) developed the practice of encapsulating the content of a topic or lecture in what I call a ‘visual mantra’ where the relationship between various concepts is depicted.

The Four-fold day.


The stages of Action Research, with related temperaments.

Posted: Mon 24 Jul 2023