Committee Minutes 23-05-04

Hawkes Bay Branch of the Anthroposophical Society in New Zealand


Committee Meeting held 4 May 2023

Present: Robin Bacchus, Robyn Hewetson, Angela Hair, Stephen Diedericks, John Jackson

We agreed that:

Robin would continue as Chair and continue with weekly Newsletter. He will set Agenda for meetings.

Angela now Secretary and will type minutes on computer and distribute to Committee asap after meeting for checking and approval.                     

Stephen is Treasurer - to take over from Kate Hartland asap.

John Jackson will co-ordinate Festivals and other Activities??

Robyn Hewetson will continue coordinating Centre maintenance & introductions for Prospective Users

Branch Committee Meetings to be held second Thursday of each month starting 5pm

Our priorities for the Year are:

Revision of insurance for building - Kerry McIntyre of Insure Hawkes Bay has written to Robyn to say that our insurance for Contents seems very high whereas that for the building is very inadequate.  RH will ask him to offer a better deal for 2024.

Soft wash of building is necessary to preserve the paintwork for longer.  Post-meeting RH has contacted Jonathon Jordan who can do it for $250.

            Action : Robyn Hewetson


Branch finance to the end of April had been circulated by Kate Hartland.

                                    Income                        Expenditure

For April:                     $1,557.40                    $3,566.85 (includes Insurance)

Year to date:               $6,278.10                    $5,724.87

Cashflow                     $553.23


Accounts for payment:

Invoice from Te Whiti for 9 hours of gardening ($405)

Reimbursement for potting mix and 'sprayer ocean' ($38.98)

Approved for payment.

Branch Rules review:

Three Anthroposophical Branches in NZ (HB, AK, WN). own properties and thus have formed Charitable Societies as ownership vehicles. A new Incorporated Societies Act 2022 has passed into law which will affect the form of our rules.  We need to research – perhaps jointly – the implications of the Act on our Branch.  It will also affect the ASNZ.

            Action: Robin Bacchus??

Membership donation to be requested of Members in May. More income needed in May to cover gardening and other expenses.

            Action : Stephen to contact Kate for Letter usually sent out and Robin to send through branch list

More activities and events are needed as part of Membership Drive to bring in more income for the Centre.                                   

                        Action: John to send Festival Dates

New Activities planned through email sharing.

                        Actions: Request for ideas through newsletter - Robin

                        Speak with Librarians about a Library Introduction Tour - Angela

                        Homeopathy For Children Talk for Parents at School - Angela

                        Speakers from other Branches? - John J to check with Michelle Y

Welcome Information about membership to be Developed for new people (One page photocopy). 

            Action: Angela

Meeting finished at 6.30pm Next Meeting Thursday June 8 @ 5pm  

Posted: Sun 03 Sep 2023