Committee Minutes 23-06-08

Hawkes Bay Branch of the Anthroposophical Society in New Zealand


Committee Meeting for 8 June 2023 at 5pm

Present: Robin Bacchus (chair), Angela Hair (Secretary), Robyn Hewetson (Property), John Jackson (Festivals).

Approval of previous Minutes as a true and correct record:  John, Angela

Matters arising from the last meeting:

  1. New request for Activities for newsletter - Robin to put in on Sunday
  2. Stephen Diedericks has resigned as Treasurer.  Angela has sent email thanking him.
  3. Robin to send a single email for Treasurer to request support from members.
  4. Robyn has given monthly invoices to Kate Hartland in the past and she was paid immediately.  Robyn recommended this continue rather than wait for approval from the committee.
  5. Donated books need a cleansing - cleansing of typeset pages to keep the book shelves free - when Margaret is back will ask her and Fran to come.
  6. Angela has delayed her course until later i the month - Thursday 29 June 7pm at Centre.  Robin to include in the Newsletter on Sunday 18th June and 22nd June.
  7. 7.       Branch discussion with other branches re Charities Act - John to follow up with Michelle V - John
  8. Angela to write a one page list of Activities at the Centre and how to become a member.
  9. Robyn suggested a Postcard from Anthroposophical Society about how to join - booklet supplied to Angela

Membership - 127 members and only a small number have responded to membership request.  Still need to get 42% of membership. 14 people have unsubscribed from newsletter. 
            Target the people who haven’t responded.
            In the newsletter Robyn may request the Friends to become Members

6. Front Door Jamming - door shaved and the house has a problem with piles.  Jonathan has checked this out - the piles are in good shape - piles recently checked but the floor was not re-leveled.    Robyn to ask Jonathan to fix front door.

7. Jonathan Jordan has replaced the weatherboards - at the back of Centre and done a good job.  Letter of thanks to Jonathan for good work done (Angela).

8. Gardening

            Fadges are to be kept in the garden shed.   Most of the plants are put into green bin - the fadge is only to be used if Green Bin is full.            Robyn to get the key for the shed from Playgroup and request that the  fadges be stored therein.

9. Heat pump is a chattel and Robin will contact Wellington group Airmate to service it.

10. David Guerin’s Art Work to be put to the side to create space for meeting in foyer.

11. Winter Festival on 24 June - John to do newsletter notice for Robin

            Seasonal ArchAngels - Veilings - David Newbatt - Camp hill

            Art Therapist from Saskia Stein - Art Therapist at Hohepa - will do an art therapy

            Steve Cook - contact to be sent to Robin for database.

12. Finance - Robyn to supply the invoices for maintenance.

            Summary of invoices - Cleaning Products $93.15 - approved

13. Printed list of Members and Friends. Due to the risk of scams, we decided not to publicly publish the list.  Angela to have the list at the Centre.

14. Julian Pook Memorial on Saturday 1st July - Astrid would like to honour him.  Robyn agrees and John will work with her.

15. Trustee signatures for Kiwibank need to be changed..

● K G S Lyons, R E Pomeroy, and C M Hartland cease to be signatories of the Hawkes Bay Branch of the Anthroposophical Society in New Zealand account at Kiwibank, 38-9016-0511420-00 ,-04 and -05 (term deposit) accounts

  • D Robin Bacchus and John D Jackson are added as signatories of these accounts. 
    • Carried unanimously.

Meeting concluded at 6.15 pm

Posted: Sun 03 Sep 2023