Committee Minutes 23-07-13

Hawkes Bay Branch of the Anthroposophical Society in New Zealand


Committee Meeting 13 July 2023

Present: Robyn Hewetson, Robin Bacchus, Angela Hair, John Jackson,

Minutes from June accepted

Matters Arising

Robyn and/or Angela to check if key to the shed is available from Playgroup


Kiwi Bank Signatories

John emailed and had conversation about requirements for changing the signatories and the trustees ( Robin, Andrew McGovern, Mike Lawn, John Jackson)

Robyn Hewetson has signatory confirmed on her phone, Kate still gets the anthroposophical email June account has arrived

Charities Act has influenced things, there were not good minutes of the Trustees meetings which has held up the process. Update - it is in process and will happen.

Robin presented Financial Accounts for June.

we are not in arrears -

To be paid - heat pump service $160

Letter for contributions to be updated from Kate’s version and Kevin’s version - John to send email from Kevin to Robin

How to find a treasurer - only had one enquiry from Gerrit Raichle ?

Keep asking for treasurer through the Newsletter in a separate email than the Sunday newsletter. Put into Taikura School newsletter. Agree to do another mail out. Tuesday


Cecile is going away and Sarina her daughter is going to do cleaning. From 14/8 to 16/9

A lot of toilet paper and rubbish bags is being used.

Gardening is going well.

General rubbish will be put out less often so we get the Council rebate ($30)

Coat racks - use the hooks in the bathroom.

Parking strips - 1.5 cubic metres of concrete - ask Jonathon Jordan

Ask for an estimate of cost to be done when it is drier.

June power $161. Budget is $2500, currently half way through.

Angela - to send a paragraph to Grapevine $5 Committee for Steiner Centre is looking for a.treasurer for the Anthroposophical Centre.

Coming Events

Mulders Leaving for South Island - Farewell planned.  Ineke to do a talk about Parcival. Robin has a planned event teaching Artistic Geometry.

International Waldorf Conference - Stephen Evans to speak31 August – Saturday evening - 7pm

Conversations Events are coming to an end. Conversations are for members and friends.

Donations are made through Koha donations - organisers to be asked to ask members for a donation.

Regular donation of $5 for use of the building could be encouraged. When we send the personalised mail out to Members hopefully we will get more payments coming through and we could ask for a regular donation to cover expenses in the Centre.

Letter from Conversations group re closing.

Michelle Vette - keeping in touch with Michelle to support her as General Secretary a couple of times a year to talk about specific issues.  We welcome their initiative.

Display Boards

Borrowed display boards from school were aging.  We could make our own.  Legs with soft board - one pair would be $254 for materials - do three pairs for efficient use of materials.  Easels also need to be looked at - Robin will work on this.

Insurance - ask Kerry McIntyre about insurance claims - underinsured for contents.  Robyn to ask him to look at the insurances for the Centre.

Angela to ask playgroup if the shed can be used for storage of fadges.

End of meeting 6.06pm

Posted: Sun 03 Sep 2023