Committee Minutes 23-08-17

Hawkes Bay Branch of the Anthroposophical Society in New Zealand

Committee Meeting.  17 August 2023

In attendance: Robin Bacchus, Robyn Hewetson, Angela Hair, John Jackson

Approval of minutes 13/7/23 with two amendments - typo

  1. Charities Act -
    Michelle Vette is working on the Charities Act - copy supplied to Robin Bacchus.
    John Jackson
    - watched webinars to bring himself up to scratch with the work done to date.

It affects the Society and John Jackson will review it from Trust’s perspective

2. Robin Bacchus would like to develop our website to email people who haven’t replied to our request for membership fees.

            We need get a correct and centralised list on the website to send emails from it.  The contact information and request for change of email information could be placed at the top of weekly newsletter to remind members to update information and pay fees.

  1. Rubbish is going out every second Tuesday for green waste and for general waste. Green rubbish has been more this month as Bernie asked Jenny Speedy to tidy up the garden entrance.

Angela to talk with Bernie re arrangement with Te Whiti and Tracy who have agreed to do this job.

4. Parking Strips beside the Centre to be quoted by Jonathon Jordon when weather is drier.

5. We agreed on new positions within the management group:

            Treasurer - Robin Bacchus

            Chair - Robyn Hewetson

            Secretary - Angela Hair

            Festivals - John Jackson

Change of Treasurer will hopefully be completed within the next two weeks. Kiwibank have been slow to activate the change over.

According to the year’s budget - income $14000, expenses $10000

6. Membership & fees

We have 126 / 40 people have been contributing - 14 by AP. 26 people have paid lump sum - but still 86 people have not paid.

Married couple rates were discussed and we agreed on:

            Single member $90 and Couples $120 and Friends $45

A friendly text message to those that have not paid will be sent by Robin

            Text: - we haven’t heard from you, do we have your right email?

            Robin to put into a newsletter at a later date.

            Website does identify when the email has been opened (maybe read.)

            Friends to be asked for a contribution.

Incorporated Society Act says people have to actively join a Society (not simply been deemed to be a member).
Responding to an email is an act.

            Text response would be similarly considered as Incorporated Society Act.

7. Insurance - Kerry McIntyre - Insure Hawkes Bay

            work with members, what would you want replaced if there was a fire?

            If there was a fire, what we would want to do?

            Notice to be drafted for this.   Robyn and Robin to put this together.                       

            This is the starting point to ask the members what the expectation is.

8. Special General Meeting - Fire Insurance - in October 14 Saturday 3pm

9. Stephen Evans - Thursday evening Talk - 31 August 2023 7 tea and cakes - 7.30 pm    

            Title for Talk? Principal of Hohepa School

10. Festival - Spring -  John Jackson is coordinating for Sunday 1 October 7pm

11. “Conversations” group is metamorphosing. The initiator group is reforming.

12. The shelves from the Mulders have been claimed by various people.

13. Display Board - Robin will do in October when he is back from his break.

Next meeting:  Thursday 28 September 5pm






















Posted: Sun 03 Sep 2023