FSM Conference

A Conference Celebrating the

Christmas Foundation Meeting Centenary

26 th – 29 th December 2023
Registration closed 19 th Dec

The Christmas Foundation Meeting of 1923/1924 was a turning-point in the spiritual life of
the twentieth century. Rudolf Steiner worked with 800 colleagues to implant something
entirely new into the earth – something that would give people pathways to awaken, build
and go forward in their individual lives and communities.
Between 25 th December and 1st January, 1923-4, the Foundation Stone Meditation was
spoken each morning, along with words that reflected the cosmic rhythm within the days of
the week. Doing this, Steiner laid the Foundation Stone into the hearts of the people and
gave a powerful momentum for many new impulses to come.

“Human soul, you live in the limbs...
Human soul, you live in the beat of heart and lung...
Human soul, you live in the resting head...”

R. Steiner, The Foundation Stone Meditation

One hundred years later, we face a very different world with many great challenges.
In the spirit of the Christmas Foundation Meeting, can we create a path from 2023 to an
impactful 2033 and ask today:
Can we understand our place in the world and work together to achieve the
mission Rudolf Steiner has laid in our hearts?
What are we capable of becoming? Can we be a beacon of confidence for
humanity? Every one of us has imagination and inspiration to share.
Is it possible to renew our connection to eternal spiritual values?
How do we do this, both as a service to the earth and in communion with the
spiritual world from which inspiration can be given to us?


Mornings: there will be a speaker and one of the mornings a panel discussion. With
speakers Ann-Marie Jacobs-Brown - The Foundation Stone Meditation and the Human
'I', Norbert Mulholland - The Foundation Stone Meditation and Future Human
Culture. Panel discussion with Ann-Marie Jacobs-Brown, Norbert Mulholland, Simone
Hamblett and Anna Harvey. These sessions will each be followed by discussion groups –
inside or (weather permitting) under the trees. 
Afternoons: Workshops on Speech, Eurythmy, Painting, Sculpture/Clay Modelling, and
Biodynamics - selecting one option for the three days.  There is free time for conversation
and to enjoy the natural surroundings. 
Evenings: How do we take hold of the resurrection-power present in the Christmas
Foundation Conference.
The first evening Michael Burton and Dr Anna Harvey - Welcome and Opening –
The three great challenges of the Foundation Stone Meditation.
Followed by three talks and meditation on the topics: Hindrances to humanity’s
resurrection. Beginning to participate in the resurrection of our humanity. The
fourth verse of the Foundation Stone Meditation.
Followed by the night cafe with artistic offerings later in the evening.

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Wednesday: The Foundation Stone Meditation and the Human ‘I’
Ann-Marie Jacobs-Brown
"Christ brings the fourth principle in such a way that it penetrates human nature, takes root
within it, and fills it with power."
We will look at this 'fourth principle', its importance for both the individual and humanity  -
and how the Foundation Stone Meditation can lead us to a greater understanding of how
we might bring this principle to birth within us at this present time. 
Thursday: Panel Discussion - The Foundation Stone Meditation and the Human
Astral Body.
Ann-Marie Jacobs-Brown, Norbert Mulholland, Simone Hamblett and Dr Anna
Friday: The Foundation Stone Meditation and Future Human Culture
Norbert Mulholland

This talk will trace the origin of The Foundation Stone Meditation in The Macrocosmic
Lord’s Prayer: The Evils hold sway.
We will find The Foundation Stone Meditation marking a new turning point: the turning
point of our ascent.
We will imaginatively unfold the seed, secreted within The Foundation Stone; a seed
containing something unimaginably great. Something created with the joyful participation
of every rank of supernatural and sub-natural beings.
We will experience The Foundation Stone as an irresistible force that will ensure: The
Good holds sway.

Four Evenings talks and Meditation: The Four Pictures of Humanity Today
Michael Burton and Dr Anna Harvey
How do we take hold of the resurrection-power present in the Christmas Foundation
Conference in such a way that we can expect positive transformation by 2030?  The
preliminary content will lead over each evening into a meditative experience which people
are free to follow as they wish, letting the words become imaginations (eyes shut) or
simply hearing them as words (eyes open). The Foundation Stone Meditation, spoken in
its entirety by one or more speakers, will conclude each evening. 
Tuesday Evening 1: The three great challenges of the Foundation Stone Meditation?
Outline of the goals of the conference, the idea of the “reverse ritual”, 1923 compared to
2023, earning the right to stand spiritually with spiritual beings through the Foundation
Stone Meditation. 
Wednesday Evening 2: Hindrances to Humanity’s Resurrection
Facing the enormity of what is wrong with the world today, we can feel hopelessly
inadequate and cut off from our spiritual origin. What is it in ourselves that is holding us
back from having communion with spiritual beings? Facing and overcoming our fear of the
Thursday Evening 3: Beginning to Participate in the Resurrection of our Humanity
First steps on the path, illustrated by scenes from one of Rudolf Steiner’s Mystery Dramas
that seems of relevance to the whole experience of the Twentieth Century. Going beyond
this in our times. A first sensing of the assistance of one particular spiritual being – the
Archai Micha-el. 
Friday Evening 4: The Fourth Verse of the Foundation Stone Meditation
The etheric Christ. How the first three verses of the Foundation Stone Meditation find their
fulfillment in the final verse. Going forward in our lives beyond this conference.


Speech: The Foundation Stone Meditation
Norbert Mulholland
Ease and joy will be the mood aimed for in these sessions.
The touchstone of the sessions will be Uncovering the Wonders contained in The
Foundation Stone Meditation.
We will acknowledge the rhythms, and move on to explore how to differentiate each
stanza, bringing it to life and freeing it into the air.
Time permitting, we will touch upon The Path of The Word and sacred speech.
Participants will feel encouraged, perhaps even inspired, to speak it themselves (in whole
or in part), knowing it is a deed of blessing for the Great World and every being indwelling

Eurythmy: Nurture Your Own Heart and Soul
Simone Hamblett
In this rapidly changing world, one of the most helpful things we can do is to nurture our
hearts and souls.  Eurythmy provides a living experience through communicating more
deeply via movement.
The Foundation Stone Meditation contains powerful content which upholds the true and
holy image of the human being and offers a counterbalance to what we are witnessing in
this current time.
In this Eurythmy workshop, we will explore and deepen our experience of the rhythms of
the Foundation Stone Meditation, bringing them to life through movement, forms and
gestures that can affirm us in our wholeness. This work may contribute to the unifying and
healing of our relationship with self, others, and the spiritual world.
Painting: Colour Inspirations from Rudolf Steiner's 1923 Sketches
Susie Gay
Through working with Rudolf Steiner’s ‘Motifs’ given in 1923 insights or portals into the
supersensible world can begin to be experienced.
Rudolf Steiner provided inspiring motifs to paint before the Christmas Foundation
Conference and these reflect the content of lectures leading up to the Conference and
during the conference.
We will work with some of these motifs and experience plant colour painting with the
Elemental/ Nature Beings Motif. This leads to the Druid Stone Motif for those who feel
confident in painting in water colour. For beginner painters we will paint one of the
Friedwart Sketches given in the same year.
The workshop is limited to 12 participants. Additional costs for plant colour paints. All are

Sculpture/Clay Modelling: Metamorphosis in Nature and Art
Roger Leitch and John Tupper

In living nature formative forces are at work and can be recognised by the forms they
create. Clay modelling allows us to observe and investigate how these living forms
develop and metamorphosise.
Rudolf Steiner translated Goethe's ideas on metamorphosis into artistic work in the first
Goetheanum, sculptors carved the column bases, capitals, and architraves with images of
metamorphoses. In this workshop we will sculpt with clay and include nature forms.
Through this process we can inwardly experience the creativity of nature and
metamorphosis that can strengthen and develop our soul powers of thinking, feeling, and
Experience in sculpting or previous knowledge of the subject matter is not necessary. The
workshop is also open to newcomers and is designed purely as an experience.

Biodynamics: Connecting to Cosmic Life forces and Natural Rhythms 
Diane de Saint Quentin and Emma Greenslade
In 1924, Rudolf Steiner laid the foundation for an alternative agriculture that could take us
on an inner journey of development, and ‘Heal the Earth’. Biodynamic agricultural
practices act upon soil health, plant nutrition and the relationship between the Earth and
the Cosmos. In this workshop we will focus on the uses of biodynamics – for community
participation and land care. We will focus on how to create a hot compost heap with the
use of Biodynamic preps.  Including sourcing the components and stacking the layers.  We
will also do a 500 stir and apply this to Titirangi Rudolf Steiner School’s land.

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