News 45-23

HB Branch News  --  Sunday 12 November  --  Week 45, 2023

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Calendar of Coming Events 

(in the Rudolf Steiner Centre, 401 Whitehead Road, Hastings
unless stated otherwise)

  • Sunday 19 November
                Taikura School Fete: 10 am to 7 pm
                Rudolf Steiner Centre will have an Open Day**
    Open to visitors from 10 am to 3 pm
    Volunteers offering to help on the day – please text coordinator Angela Hair 0274 436 737.


**Open Day @ Rudolf Steiner Centre

Art Classes

10.15am Saskia Stein

Play with Clay


11.15am Sonja Lethbridge

Slice of Heaven (Cutting)


12.15pm Eva Steinmetz - Urieli

What are you like today? (Watercolour)


1.15pm Amanda Sowersby

Connect Through Creativity (Pastels)


$5 per person for materials

Please register with Angela Hair

Everyone welcome

Steiner Library open


SPECIAL ART COURSES by Amanda Sowersby

For those affected by the weather events earlier this year.

I'm excited to introduce two new special art courses:

  1. The first is a 3-week "Connect Through Creativity" course, specifically for those affected by the recent cyclone.
    Join us on Wednesday afternoons from November 15th to 29th, 12:30-2:45pm in Havelock North.
    This course is entirely free of charge.
  2. The second offering is a 5-week "Connect Through Creativity" art course, open to anyone in need of relief or facing struggles.
    We'll explore different art mediums and exercises each week.
    This course will run from November 20th to December 18th, every Monday, 6:30pm-8pm in Havelock North.  For this 5-week course, I'm accepting nominations and referrals, and it's available for free.  Alternatively, you can choose to join for a small fee of $75.

These courses provide a safe and nurturing environment, guided by Amanda Sowersby an experienced artist and artistic therapist.

The courses offer a unique opportunity to shift from your thoughts to your heart through the act of creation.  You'll have the chance to connect with yourself, express your inner self through art, and experience a sense of lightness and freedom.
No prior art experience needed.
You will be guided each step of the way.

Please share this with anyone who may benefit from attending.
Mobile 021-1449168

Arohanui & Blessings



This Anthroposophical magazine has some great reading. It is available on-line for a subscription – all such magazines need our support through subscriptions.

One article in the latest edition #109 caught my attention.  It is Karmic Connections in History and Why they Really Matter by Richard Bunzl on page 69.

He contrasts Rudolf Steiner’s contribution to education to that of the Czech education reformer, John Amos Comenius – namely the school textbook.  That has developed further today and is expressed by the modern emphasis on state examinations.  What you learn is determined by someone you have never met and who has no idea of who you are as an individual or you specific needs.  You are valued primarily as a trained economic unit.

Rudolf Steiner introduced the blank Mainlesson book that became the creative record of individual learning.

I would add that Taikura’s Class 12 Projects are of the same ilk, but much more complex and creative: involving personal choice of topic, research, a mini thesis, a visual display and a public talk with Q and A.  Meanwhile their peers are sitting in a large hall in separated rows, all answering the same questions asked by someone they don’t know. Vive la difference.

Robin Bacchus


Posted: Thu 30 Nov 2023