Information Sheet

 Rudolf Steiner Centre Hastings

Information Sheet


John Daniel Jackson                            from 30/5/2019
Michael John Lawn                               from 27/3/2021 
Andrew Mark McGovern                       from 18/3/2023


The property 500Nelson Street North, Hastings and the RS Centre building is owned by the Hawkes Bay Branch of the Anthroposophical Society in New Zealand, Registered Charity CC30527.

The Role of the Committee: 

The Hawke's Bay Branch Committee is assigned overall responsibility for the Centre, including:

  • Maintenance of the building, inside and out;
  • The care and protection of chattels and equipment;
  • Maintenance of the Library as a lending facility for members and friends;
  • Upkeep of the grounds and garden;
  • Informing Branch members and friends of events, meetings (regular and irregular) and other activities via notices, website and a regular email Newsletter;
  • Ensuring the spaces within the Centre are maintained in an aesthetically pleasing manner;
  • To support and liaise with the various care coordinators within the Centre environment;
  • Maintaining a mailing list of members and friends of the Branch;
  • Renting of different spaces [Main Room, Art Room, Consulting Room] in the Centre, coordinating and assisting hirers;
  • Ensuring the noticeboard beside the front gate and in the foyer has only current information;

The Motto of Social Ethic 

It is only healthy
When the whole society is formed
In the mirror of the Human soul. 

Outwardly: Threefold structure of Society                             

And when, in each community 
The virtue of the individual soul
Is living.

Inwardly:  Loving recognition of our fellow human beings.    

Rudolf Steiner

Committee membership

for 2023 is:

Robyn Hewetson         Chair               021-217 8688  

Robin Bacchus            Treasurer        022-398 2805

John Jackson              Festivals         022 122 8002   

Angela Hair                Secretary         027-443 6737 

Mike Caris                   Events             021-153 8720

   The committee usually meets monthly – on a Thursday from 5:30 to 6:30pm.


  • RESPONSIBILITY        Managers/Carers
  • Art in the Foyer:             Angela Hair; 027-4436 737;
                                          Eva Urieli; 878 6028,
  • Art Room:                     Eva Urieli; 878 6028,
  • Branch Members list & newsletter:    
                                         Robin Bacchus
  • Building maintenance: Robyn Hewetson; 021-2178 688, robyn  
  • Festivals group:           John Jackson;
  • Finances:                     Robin Bacchus
  • Grounds and garden:   Jenny Speedy
  • Library:                         Fran Obers; 878 4565; 
                                         Margaret Stevenson; 022-1570330


 Regular activities presently happening at the Rudolf Steiner Centre include:

  • - Library open during term, every Wednesday from 11am to 3pm
  • - Branch meetings; twice monthly, usually on 2nd and 4th Friday evenings – discusssing Leading thoughts
  • - Study Group. Mondays 7pm
  • - Eurythmy: Sue Simpson

Rooms are hired by several groups including: 

  • - Taikura’s Te Kanano Playgroup: Monday & Tuesday mornings
  • - Speech and Drama: Ruth Strong
  • - Art Therapy:  Eva Urieli
  • - Art classes:   Kathy Allan


A weekly newsletter is published every Sunday and can be read at 

Coming events are listed under What's happening - Anthroposophy in Hawkes Bay ( 

Library catalogues are also available so you can peruse the several thousand volumes that can be borrowed:
Members of the Branch are asked to Login to keep their personal details up to date.