Steiner Education

Steiner/Waldorf education is an international movement, founded in 1919, working out of the philosophy and indications given by Rudolf Steiner. 

Steiner/Waldorf education addresses the whole child in the areas of thinking, feeling and willing and also spirit, soul and body. It stimulates the mind with the full spectrum of traditional academic subjects; it nurtures healthy emotional and social development through experiential and child-centered learning and guides the limbs to become fully integrated into the child’s being through a broad range of artistic, movement and craft activities.

The Steiner/Waldorf curriculum recognises that children pass through distinct developmental stages at which times specific forces are at work and capacities develop. The curriculum is designed to deliver the right stimulus at the right time, thus allowing each of these developmental stages to unfold fully.

Steiner/Waldorf education emphasises respect, reverence and wonder for nature and for human existence. Learning becomes much more than the acquisition of vast amounts of information; rather, becomes an engaging voyage of discovery of the world, other people and oneself.

This is a comprehensive academic, artistic, cultural and physical education programme presented in a supportive, structured and non-competitive environment, allowing the child to become balanced in feeling, to have initiative in action and clarity in thought. The purpose of Steiner/Waldorf education is to strengthen the child to meet, not only the challenges of school, but those of life.

Taikura Rudolf Steiner School

 is a Waldorf School arising from the educational principles and Anthroposophical impulses of Rudolf Steiner.

The school strives to keep the special character of this education fresh, alive and evolving within the cultural, historical, educational and geographic environment of Aotearoa – New Zealand and Hawke’s Bay.

The health and wellbeing of the school is created through a strong and engaged community that connects students, parents, teachers, support staff and Trustees. Through their working together a school and community spirit is built that enables a healthy foundation for lifelong learning. The chosen name ‘Taikura’ speaks of the different currents that flow into the school, and recognises that it is through the heartwood, and through many streams flowing together that the school stays strong.

To help each and every student progress towards becoming free, responsible and caring individuals able to impart purpose and direction to their own lives and as citizens able to contribute in manifold as well as unique ways to human society.

Taruna College

Taruna, New Zealand is a centre for Adult Education working out of the anthroposophical worldview inspired by the work of Rudolf Steiner PhD. 

Taruna offers a wide range of courses in areas as diverse as Waldorf Teacher Education, Anthroposophical Nursing, and Well-Being programmes. 

Hohepa School

is for children and young people aged 7-21 years who have very special requirements for their care and education.

The School is situated on a beautiful biodynamic farm in the Poraiti hills just outside Napier – a second part of the Hohepa Hawke’s Bay Community property. This location, with superb views over Hawke’s Bay, provides excellent recreational opportunities for the children. The school has three playground areas, a sports field and we share an outdoor swimming pool with the rest of the Hohepa Poraiti community.