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Anthroposophy in Hawkes Bay

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Calendar of Coming Events-- Diary Dates

In the Rudolf Steiner Centre, 401 Whitehead Road, Hastings
unless stated otherwise.

(** see below for more details.)

  • TONIGHT: Sunday 7 July 7pm. Festival for the Dead.
  • Wednesdays 10, 17, 24 July.  7pm. Conversations on the Foundation Stone Meditation 
  • Friday 19 July. (deferred from 5 July) 7 pm.  "The Essence of Steiner Education -   an introduction to the Anthroposophy of Dr. Rudolf Steiner." led by Robin Bacchus    #3: "Life forces and Learning".  All those who are curious are welcome.
  • Friday 2 August. 7 pm.  "The Essence of Steiner Education -
       an introduction to the Anthroposophy of Dr. Rudolf Steiner." led by Robin Bacchus    
       #4: "Human and Cosmic rhythms".  All those who are curious are welcome.
  • Saturday 3 August 9:30 to noon, School of Spiritual Science, mantra 17
  • Saturday 10 August.  ASNZ Society Day and AGM in the Rudolf Steiner Centre, Hastings.

Building Valuation

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Foundation Stone Meditation Series

#2  Wednesday 3 July, 7pm at the Centre

This meditation has a connection with the first Goetheanum.  During our conversation on the meditation, I will show pictures relating to the construction and artistic completion of this building.  I will try and connect this with parts of the foundation stone meditation.

I will be bringing copies of the text with me for participants.

  Christopher Bacchus

Some Reflections on Richard Drexel’s talk on: “The Developing Child”

Our ideas about human development come from observations of ourselves and those around us and discovering patterns and characteristics in them. There is not an immutable law but rather we could see means, probabilities, statistical ‘bell-curves’ and ranges as far as times are concerned.  There is a range of times when the last organ of the physical body, the permanent teeth emerge.

So we find a rhythm of approximately of seven years, more or less, over which different aspects of our human constitution take centre-stage in the development process.  Over the first seven years, mainly at home, from conception one’s physical body develops every physical organ to an initial stage.  One’s Etheric and Astral bodies devote their energies to this task.

For the next seven years the Astral body works on and with the Etheric body developing habits, skills and processes – a time of schooling.  Will in manual skills; feeling in artistic sensitivities; and thinking in scientific discoveries.  This culminates in puberty or ‘earth-ripeness’.

The next seven years of secondary and tertiary education is a time to tame the astral forces, the ‘dragon’ [willing, feeling, thinking] so becoming ready for independence at “21”.  The range of times when this occurs can be wide.

By now a vehicle for one’s Ego has been created.  It is a time to leave home, travel the world, discover one’s vocation.  The seven years to 28 hopefully culminates in becoming totally responsible for oneself – a citizen.

The development of humanity as a whole proceeds in much longer cycles of around two thousand years (related to the precession of the earth’s equinoxes.)  Since the end of the Middle Ages and the beginning of the Renaissance, humanity has been developing the Conscious Soul.  Richard noted some characteristics of this time in the discoveries of various individualities.  At the start of this time, God was seen to be omniscient and omnipotent, [all knowing and all powerful].  The centre of the universe was the earth, the place of life and change.  Around the earth on all sides revolved the firmament of the zodiac and constellations of fixed stars, points of light, radiating benevolence down to the earth and its inhabitants.  Between the Earth and the Firmament was to be found the moving heavenly lights: the Sun, perfectly circular, warm and bright; the waxing and waning Moon and five planets who moved across the zodiac in various rhythms.

In 1542 Nicholas Copernicus published a book on his deathbed suggesting that it made more sense that the earth spins on an axis rather than the whole firmament revolves around the earth, that moon orbits the earth and the earth orbits the sun, thus shattering the medieval picture.

Galileo with his telescope saw that the moon was not perfect but mountainous like the earth, and that some planets had moons like the earth.

Kepler showed that the planets moved in ellipses, not perfect circles.

Herschel showed that the whole solar system is spiraling towards the constellation of Hercules.

Darwin’s theory of evolution implied that God’s creation was imperfect. He gave numerous other examples of change.

The Medieval picture of perfection and harmony was crumbling: God was not omniscient and omnipotent.  Human beings are not all the same.  We are individuals who can forge our own destiny and be responsible for our own lives.


KOHA ART CLASS. Wednesday July 24th


TXT Maggie 0272484193


Art history 6 week course in Term 3 .

Come along for a small glimpse into art history. Starting with the 1.Prehistoric/Egyptian, 2. Greek/Etruscan, etc,  finishing with the Renaissance.  There will be a small introduction followed by an artistic exercise. No artistic experience needed. 

When: Wednesday 12.30/2.45.

Where: Margaret-Mary Farr Studio/Gallery

100 Eastbourne Street East, Hastings

Dates: July 31st ,

               August 7,14,21,28 ,

               September 4th

Costs:  $165.

Txt Maggie on 0272484193


Come along and get inspired.  

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