Goetheanum Commemoration

Saturday 31 December 2022 - Sunday 1 January 2023


Commemorating the loss of the first Goetheanum
(100 years ago)

Saturday 31 December 2022
in the Rudolf Steiner Centre
401 Whitehead Road, Hastings

3:30 pm Talk by Hans van Florenstein Mulder.

“The year 1922 and the burning of the first Goetheanum.”

followed by conversation

5 pm Eurythmy with Sue Simpson

6 pm shared meal – please bring a plate.

All welcome.



Made out of Nature’s material

The Goetheanum wanted to speak through its forms

Of the eternal to the eyes of men.

The flames were able to consume the matter.

Henceforth Anthroposophia-

Her edifice formed of the Spirit-

Shall speak to the inner soul of man

In words of fire, tempered by the flames-

The flames of the Spirit.


From one of Rudolf Steiner’s note books. April 1923




Drawing – artist unknown.
Poster produced for the Rudolf Steiner Centre Initiative Group by Robin Bacchus

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