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Biodynamic Agriculture

Biodynamic (“biological-dynamics”) Agriculture is a method of organic agriculture that can be applied to any farm, garden, or horticultural enterprise by following a series of practical steps.

In the early 1920s, a number of European farmers were deeply worried about signs of agriculture in decline. These signs included increasing soil infertility, loss of food quality and reduced vigour in livestock. The farmers approached Dr Steiner for advice. He responded with a series of lectures that introduced biodynamic concepts.

Taking a holistic view

Biodynamic Agriculture is a systems approach, where the farm, vineyard, orchard or garden is viewed as a living whole and each activity affects everything else. Management is based on the grower’s own careful observations, plus the results of tests and analyses. In this way, modern technology and traditional knowledge marry to form a highly-effective method that’s unique to each location.

The steps emphasise building soil fertility and are carefully tailored to the particular property. They include:

  • Using biodynamic sprays to stimulate biological activity in the soil and improve retention of nutrients, such as animal wastes
  • Stocking with several different animal species to vary grazing patterns and reduce pasture-borne parasites
  • Widening the range of pasture species
  • Planting trees for multiple purposes
  • Crop rotation designs including the use of green manures to enhance soil fertility and control weeds and plant pests
  • Recycling organic wastes, where possible, by large scale composting
  • Changing from chemical pest control to prevention strategies based on good plant and animal nutrition and careful cultivar selection

What are the advantages?

Biodynamic Agriculture uses very limited external inputs and re-uses most on-farm waste, so it has a low impact on the environment. It also provides an economical way of farming because most of the costs are met at the time they are incurred. One of the most easily seen and dramatic benefits of biodynamic practice is the exceptional quality of the produce: flavour, appearance and keeping quality are all enhanced. Many of our members can relate stories about the marvellous feedback they receive from consumers and buyers.

Biodynamics nurtures our Body, Mind and Spirit, encompassing the whole picture of life beings for their well-being, and to encourage blossoming and flourishing.

The international trademark Demeter is your guarantee that produce is grown biodynamically.

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The Flourishing Biodynamics Group

holds the values and principles of Biodynamic Agriculture. We regularly come together to work on farms or peoples’ lands to practically introduce the group to a new journey towards sustainability and happiness. Our highest endeavour is to develop free life beings who are able of themselves to thrive, and to impart purpose and direction to their lives. 

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