Insuring Information

Insurance Rebuild information

Dear Member,

Here is some useful Hastings District Council data relevant to the question of Rebuilding the Rudolf Steiner Centre after a fire, which we consider at our SGM on Saturday 14 October at 3pm.

Name of building

Rudolf Steiner Centre

Postal Address

500 Nelson Street North, Hastings 4122


401 Whitehead Road

HDC Property #



Lot 1;  DP 2081

Record of Title


Valuation #


Land Value @ July 2023




Capital Value


Primary Use

Community Services

HDC Rates 2023


HBRC Rates 2022



Current Building Floorplan

Aerial View of Centre

Based on a Google search for current building costs in New Zealand:

= $2,820 per sq metre, this table gives some idea of the cost of replacing the building in terms of area.

Rebuild Costs
Room Area sqm Rebuild Essential
Main 94.1 $265,306 $265,306
Library 45.0 $126,900 $126,900
Art 36.0 $101,520
Consult 12.8 $36,096
Storeroom 9.6 $27,072
Kitchen 10.2 $28,877 $28,877
Toilets 9.4 $26,395 $26,395
Foyer 46.6 $131,299
Veranda 25.2 $71,064
PG Store 4.0 $11,280
292.84  $  825,809  $  447,478



From     for 280 sqm


Rebuild Cost$791,260

Professional Fees$60,850





An Insurance broker responded to our query re costs:

“I’d really need to go to the market to provide some accurate advice, but I’m unable to do so as the Society’s policies fall due 4th August.  Because the policies are “mid-term” no insurer will be prepared to offer indicative terms. 

However, based on what the market is doing and where I think the rates may come in, I would expect the premium for $800,000 to be roughly $6,500 plus GST. [$7,745]

If you were to increase this to $1,000,000, I expect it would fall around $8,000 plus GST. [$9,200]

Please note, these are a very rough indication only and certainly not accurate.  They are solely based on where I think an insurer would pitch their terms based on the value, ages and construction of the building. 

As advised above, the only way to obtain accurate terms is to approach the market with six weeks from your renewal date.”


Our current policy cost us $3,127.

Robin Bacchus