2023 AGM Minutes

Hawkes Bay Branch of the Anthroposophical Society in New Zealand


Annual General Meeting held on Saturday 18th March 2023 at 3.00 pm

Present:  Robin Bacchus - Chairman, Kate Hartland -Treasurer, John Jackson -Festival Management, Angela Hair – Decoration of Foyer, Robyn Hewetson -Secretary.

Plus 17 Members:

Chris Bacchus, Diana Bacchus, Andrea Beech, Sandra Cowen, Mark Frear, Jocelyn Freeman, Angela Hair, Kate Hartland, John Jackson, Sophie Lankovsky, Michael Lawn, Andrew McGovern, Bernie Raichle, Gerrit Raichle, Robert Simpson, Margaret Stevenson, Marjorie Theyer

23 Apologies received from:  Kathy Allan, Cleone Armon, Deborah Bednarek, Martin Beech, Gypsy Bruce, Trisha Glover, Lauren Hudson, Christine Jackson, Gabi Jansen,Eva Knausenburger, Deryn Menzies, Hans van Florenstein Mulder, Ineke van Florenstein Mulder Nic Parkes,Rachel Pomeroy, Anna Reid, Sue Simpson, Kevin Tinker, Ian Trousdell, Eva Urielle, Michelle Vette,  Marian Stronach, Florian Roger

John Jackson spoke the Social Ethic verse.

Robin Bacchus asked for approval of the minutes from last year which had been circulated to all members.  They were accepted and carried unanimously.

No matters arising.


2022 Annual Report had been posted online for all to read.  People in charge of different areas were invited to speak.

Angela Hair – Art in the Foyer – she gave a description of all the exhibitions shared this year and raised the question of security for this art work.

Diana Bacchus – spoke about the Conversation Groups which she and Bernie Raichle have organized.  They have done some presentations at 5.00 in the evening too.   Michelle Vette has spoken twice as Secretary of NZ Society.

Robyn H gave appreciation of Cecile Hurford’s role as cleaner for the Centre, she does an excellent job and is a good communicator as to what supplies are needed and repairs and replacements etc.  We are all heartily grateful for her work.

Robin Bacchus thanked all those people who manage areas of responsibility.

Robert Simpson raised a question about the sentence in the agenda which read: “An urgent challenge for the incoming Committee is to establish shared expectations and effective ways of working together that are vital for harmonious, well-running committee meetings.”

There was general discussion about this.

Gerrit asked why so many people join and leave the committee.

Kate Hartland has spent 6 years on the committee and said it is very hard to get people to commit to the time.  Some work ahead on their own.  Need to work in a harmonious way.

John Jackson said he felt the team was alive with active discussions.

Angela said ideas raised during Committee meetings bring up lots of discussion.  She raised her concerns about building security, and the possible need for an alarm.

Chris Bacchus said the Centre is an extension of the Goetheanum and where members meet.

Robert Simpson asked about the present situation.

Robin B said we have not had new nominations come in, recent committee members have been mainly invited on or have volunteered.  We have to learn to work together and there is a lot to consider.

Bernie asked how we will work to get shared expectations.  The Cultural side as well as the business side needs to be considered.

Kate reported we have invited Stephen Diedericks to be our new Treasurer.  
He will bring very important skills onto the committee.

Bernie asked if we would consult with an advisor how to get the committee working better together.  She suggested Malcolm Cox.

Margaret Stevenson commented people may withdraw if they feel the committee is troubled.


Kate Hartland gave the financial report.  Showed donations and Koha have increased but there are quite a few members who do not contribute.

Our insurance is very basic – questions about replacement costs.

Premiums are sky-rocketing in NZ today.

2022 Gardening budget was underspent.

There was a catchup by Te Whiti and the volunteers are a huge help.

We have already spent more this year than last year in total.

Trustees have an account and a legacy so if there was a major repair, they could help.

It was asked for the Financial Statement to be approved. Approved unaminously.

Gerrit asked what it would cost to insure the property for a $1million.

Angela asked if the building was essential.  The insurance needs to reflect that.

Kate explained we are a Charity as well, so that is challenging for Insurance.

The Trustees have a particular responsibility to decide on insurance, etc.

It was asked if the members accepted the accounts.  Carried unanimously.


Dependent on Rentals.

Not all member make an annual contribution.

There is a discount on the HDC Rates.

Electric Power costs are rising.

Repairs and gardening costs are on-going.

Member’s Annual request for Contributions raised to $90.  Agreed

It is an issue how to encourage members to make regular payments to support our work and expenses.


Asked if there were any nominations for new members.

As there have been no nominations, those 4 standing for re-election are elected.

Stephen Diedericks has been co-opted as Treasurer.


Kate Harland has retired as a Trustee.

John Jackson nominated Andrew McGovern as a Trustee.

Seconded by Michael Lawn

Andrew introduced himself.

The meeting accepted him with acclamation.  Andrew accepted the position.


Security of the Art on display was discussed.  We discussed the locking of the building and security.

Andrea Beech said it is too much to insure an artist’s work.  As an artist, she always manages that herself.

Jocelyn F. raised the issue of the Contents insurance – Eurythmy silks, etc.

Asked if we needed a camera or a deadlock.

It was recognized the building could be easily broken into and a lock would not stop that.

The meeting concluded at 4.15pm.

Notes prepared by Robyn Hewetson