Agenda AGM 2024

Agenda AGM 2024

Hawkes Bay Branch of the Anthroposophical Society in New Zealand

Annual General Meeting to be held at Rudolf Steiner Centre, Hastings on Saturday 13 April 2024 at 2:00 pm.

We will start with refreshments, tea, coffee or lemon water - contributions welcome.

On arrival you will be asked to check the Attendance List of members by the door to ensure that your details are correct and then initial beside your name.  (If you are carrying an apology on behalf of any members, please write “Apology” beside their names on the Attendance list and then your initials.)

1)                Ascertaining that a quorum of 12 is present.

2)                Welcome

3)                Verse: Social Ethic (JJ)

4)                Apologies.  
Convey your apology before the meeting to .
Helen Bedyn; Gypsy Bruce; Lauren Hudson; Beate Kinzenbach; Eva Knausenberger; Hans & Ineke Mulder; Bernie & Gerrit Raichle; Sue Simpson; Marian Stronach; 

5)                Membership changes:
New: Tania Diedericks; Wendy Rattray; Tasha Taylor; Susan Wotherspoon;
Deceased:  Val Maioha [1 Nov 23]; Florian Roger [26 Nov 23]; Belinda Simcox [6 Dec 23]
Resigned: Mies de Monchy; Kate Hartland; Bridget Seque;
Transferred out: Sara Isherwood to Australia.

6)                Approval of Minutes of the previous Annual General Meeting on 18 March 2023. AGM_2023_Minutes.docx (  

7)                Matters arising from the Minutes of 2023 AGM.

8)                2024 Annual Report from the Committee and sub-committees.  This can be read online at in the Members Section
Members who hold positions of responsibility may speak briefly about the achievements and challenges.

9)                Consider the 2023 Annual Financial Accounts and 
Approval of a Budget for the year [1 April 2024 to 31 March 2025].  See online.

10)             Proposals for amending the Rules:
[i] That Rule 1.0 be amended to read: “The name of the Society is The Hawke's Bay Branch of the Anthroposophical Society in New Zealand ("the Branch Society"), also known as “Anthroposophy in Hawke’s Bay”
[ii] That Rule 2.4: that the words: “a prerequisite for such membership being that the member is a member of the GAS” be deleted.
[iii] That Rule 5.1 be amended to read: “There are 2 levels of membership: General Member for those who are members of the General Anthroposophical Society; and Local Member for those who are not.”
People currently listed as “Friends” will be invited to become Local Members.
[iv] That Rule 6.9 be amended by adding “If a proposal has financial or legal implications, then the proposal will be voted on by voice or show of hands, when a simple majority applies.”
[v] That Rule 10.6 be amended to read: “The Branch Society's financial year shall commence on 1 April of each year and end on 31 March in the following year.”
[vi] That Rule 2.2 be amended to read: “2.2        These Rules were adopted by way of amendment on 9 April 2008. They were further amended on 13 April 2024.”

11)             Trustee’s Report.

12)             Set the Annual Contribution for the 2024 year.  The Committee proposes that this should remain at $90 per annum.  [= $7.5/month]

13)             General business including motions of which notice has been given. (To be eligible for discussion in the AGM, a motion or proposal not from the Committee needs a Proposer and a Seconder.)

  1. a.    Proposer: Astrid Pook; Seconder: John Jackson
    Free discussion**:
    How to expand our work and get fresh blood into the Society

14)             Election of Committee Members. Current Committee members: Robin Bacchus, Angela Hair, Robyn Hewetson and John Jackson offer themselves for re-election.  The Committee shall have from 3 to 7 members.

  1. a.    Nominations?
    Mike Caris. [Proposed: Robin Bacchus, ?]

15)             Election of Trustees.  Mike Lawn is retiring but is eligible for a further term of 3 years. 

16)             Adjournment

** “Rule 6.9: A vote shall not be taken on matters concerning the Branch Society's spiritual goals and tasks, which shall be handled only in free discussion.”