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Anthroposophy in Hawkes Bay

Sunday 11 February                           Week 6-24

Coming Events

Calendar of Coming Events

In the Rudolf Steiner Centre, 401 Whitehead Road, Hastings
unless stated otherwise.

  • Thursday 22 February  9 to10am Eurythmy course starts**
  • Friday 23 February. 7 pm. Leading Thoughts. 'Spiritual Kingdoms and human self-knowledge' p42.
  • Weekend 24-25 February. 2-day Workshop (9am to 4:15 pm) on Threefold Social Order.
  • Wednesday 28 February. 7 pm Van James of Hawaii will speak on the occasion of Rudolf Steiner’s 163rd birthday on Madonnas in Art.
  • Saturday 2 March. 9:30 to noon. The School of Spiritual Science.  Mantra 12
  • Thursday 7 March. 5:30 pm.  Branch Committee meeting.
  • Saturday 23 March.  7 to 9 pm. Autumn Festival
  • Saturday 13 April 2 pm.  Annual General Meeting of the Hawkes Bay Branch of the Anthroposophical Society. [please note change from previously announced date.]
  • Weekend 4-5 May. Annual Conference of Anthroposophical Society in NZ.  To be held in Taikura School as main venue.  Guest speaker: Ueli Hurter, Switzerland.  More details soon on

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Spiritual Striving of Youth,
Artistic (Eurythmy, Speech, Music, Puppetry, and Drama) endeavours and trainings,
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Community Notices.

Send contributions to the Editor, before 2 pm on the Saturday prior.  Robin Bacchus

General: Rudolf Steiner and Anthroposophy


The Editor would like to invite all those who are running, or wishing to create, a  Study Group, or who are offering Training Courses or Seminars on Anthroposophical themes to announce in the Newsletter details of what they are doing when, and how those interested in participating can make contact. 

If you are wishing  Send details to: 

Health, Medicine and Therapy

      Offer of

 ... for wellbeing support, recovery and convalescence conjunction with or independant of medical treatment

 I offer a range of topical therapeutic cares e.g. body oiling, compresses and selfcare instructions and materials, or specialist therapies including work in understanding your Biographical rhythms in general or exploring specific questions.

Prices and Times  are flexible, for waged and unwaged.

DONATIONS of $5 per session,will be given to either The Anthroposophical Society or The Christian Community at your preference.

 Text 0211 734 152 to enquire, re appointments at SALVE CABIN at our home, 900A Tomoana Road, Mahora, Hastings.

Jocelyn Freeman  NZRN

The Arts


If you’re looking for movement that’s refreshing, rhythmical & harmonising,

Dive into a 7-week course of eurythmy

For those wanting a taster, the first session is free. 


Thursday 22nd February 9.00-10.00am

401 Whitehead Road, Hastings

Cost $100


Reader Contributions, Reviews, Reflections, Comments

Submitted by Astrid Pook.

An Experience of the Christmas Foundation Centennial Conference held at Titirangi Rudolf Steiner School in December 2023

Reflections on the impact of the Conference by Susie Gay – Questions arising for me from the expectations expressed on the poster:

  •  How might this Conference have brought something that will radiate into the future for us and humanity?
  • Has it equipped us to meet the challenges of our time - how can we draw strength from the Foundation Stone Meditation [FSM]?

  • What new aspect has the conference shown us of the FSM and its significance?

  • What revelations have people expressed it has brought them, in workshops, talks or meetings with others?

  • What further work can we do with the FSM?

The impact of the Conference has been mentioned in varied conversations I have had with attendees whom I have met since the Conference.  All who I have spoken with express themselves in freely flowing conversation accompanied with a smile and often with the expression they feel the New Year has brought in a new energy and that was from having experienced a soul deepening from having prepared for and from living into the Conference Celebration.  It has made way for new impulses to be inspired. This was expressed by all I have spoken to so far.  The feeling is that there is a new radiation of will impulses which will go into the future.

The Conference speakers spoke with clarity, anthroposophical ‘meditative practice’ which enabled them to be able to speak to wide-ranging contemporary world issues which demanded undivided attention. Our challenge is to maintain an equal amount of inner equilibrium to trust in the future spiritual guidance of humanity relative to our present evolution. The artistic speech and eurythmy centred on the Foundation Stone Meditation were experienced collectively as a vital support for maintaining a rhythmical connection to all that was opened up through the guest speakers' presentations as also from the conversation group discussions. Some people could express they had direct help coming from listening to the daily spoken FSM and that it now has a deeper meaning for them; something they had not experienced in such a felt way before.

The workshops also appeared to have been necessary activities to digest the morning talks, meetings and conversations as well as being able to experience new horizons in the arts. Appreciation was expressed for the variety of workshops offered. The music ensemble which introduced and closed the conference was music which had been specially written in Australia to uphold the mood of the Christmas Foundation Conference - the music and choir resounded almost as an invisible accompaniment to the whole conference.

The discussion groups allowed for a deeper listening activity to what the ‘other’ person expressed and this was mentioned as being a vital carrying element for the speakers.  This deepened listening was like a carrier of warmth surrounding the Conference. 

Following on from this Conference, there has been a surge of energy surrounding an educational workshop with Mary Willow.  A public talk on ‘Education for Nonviolence and Healing the Waldorf Way’ followed by a small seminar at the school for the teachers, administrative faculty, parents and Trust members.  Invitations were sent to other Waldorf Schools to attend the second day of the Seminar: ‘Leading through Change’. Torin Finser (Professor of Education at Antioch University) was the inspiring speaker and guide in this socially activated seminar. 

Participants who had been to the Christmas Foundation Centennial Conference felt this  Seminar was accompanied by an uplifted energy and warmth - a new impulse for the year. 

 The School’s ‘Whakatau 2024 New Year Welcome Gathering’ which took place on 30 January encompassed the impulse of welcome and wellbeing.    

Outside the school environment, inspiration followed the Christmas Foundation Centennial Conference to inspire a Lazure workshop to take place in the Christian Community Chapel. This was led by Charles Andrade and many helpers who were able to experience a deep colour and work experience together - this drew in many people from different parts of Auckland. 

I have experienced a wish to continue to deepen the themes initiated through the Christmas Foundation Centennial Conference.  It appears that many more people are starting to experience perceptions from higher planes; a deepening inner response to what is being asked of us now.  There is a feeling of an opening towards the social rather than remaining isolated.  There might be new openings ahead if we keep trust and forget not where the Foundation Stone Meditation has its source and that it can be heard to sound from this source for future strength and guidance.

Reflections by Susie Gay –  Auckland 30 Jan 2024


Kate Raworth: Doughnut Economy

It is interesting to see a modern economist expressing concerns that are sympathetic to those of the Threefold Social Order movement.  Her threefolding is different.  Her doughnut consists of an inner circle representing a shortfall in expected social economic conditions, a central doughnut - a safe and just space for humanity - and an outer area beyond an Ecological Ceiling where an overshoot causes planetary stress and disaster - such as 'climate change'. 

Her thesis is that the economy cannot continue to grow - the world cannot sustain further growth - it must be targeted to meet foundational human needs, not human greed.

The link below is to a TED@work talk she gave.  Below that is a link to a transcript of her talk.

TED talk April 2018   
A healthy economy should be designed to thrive, not grow


Community Notices


We are a long standing organic shop in Hastings, Hawkes Bay, and  it's time for us to sell!  Although it's the end of an era for us, we hope it is  the start of a new era for someone else!

So, after 30 plus years of serving the wonderful Hawkes Bay and Taikura School community, we would love to hand over the reins to someone who will hopefully carry on the impulse that we started many years ago and bring their own passion and skills into the business.



Please send expressions of interest to Kaye & Alan Keats at


Posted: Sun 11 Feb 2024